The Rose 2

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 6 minutes

Maintaining sexual purity

Cast: 3 male and 2 female mimes

Set, costumes, lighting, sound: standard, except ensure that two male mimes are dressed very differently

Run-time: 10 – 12 minutes

Sample of script:

Step 1, Male 1 and Female mimes are on stage left and stage right:

• female mime on stage right with a beautifully wrapped box in her hands & she’s very excited.
• she tries to figure out what’s in it, puts it on her head (like a crown) gently shakes it next to hear ear
• male mime on stage left with a wrapped box in his hands & he’s also very excited
• he shakes the box near his head, tries to peak inside of the box, puts it under his arm like a football trying it on for size
• they both anxiously open their boxes and as they open and see what is inside, slowly they pull the roses out in awe
• she smells it and holds hands cupped upward framing the “flower”
• leans down to smell the flower (eyes closed enjoying the scent)
• as she is enjoying this smell – the male is slowly fading off of stage left
• she touches all parts of the rose, the petals she uses the back of fingers with a big smile shows how pretty it is, she touches for leaves with thumb and index finger, moving out and up, for stem mime pricking finger with thorn of rose, put finger in mouth, frown, hurt, (have this hurt last only a few seconds, go back to happy, appreciative looking at rose)

Step 2, Male 2 mime joins female mime:

• male mime sees female mime, perks up, confidently struts over to female, shows off, touches his face, poses, to indicate his beauty. Assumes body builder pose to show off muscles
• female smiles faintly, goes back to admiring her rose
• male mime frowns, pats girl on back to get her attention, more strongly mimes his looks and muscles
• female mime pays more attention, smiles more openly but then goes back to admiring rose
• male mime becomes somewhat annoyed, then smiles, more dramatically shows off beauty and muscles
• female mime is now very interested in male mime, touches his face with back of her hand, smiles, touches his muscles, smiles, excited
• male mime, with index fingers points to himself, then points to rose, points back to himself, (“give me the rose”)
• female mime frowns, shows hurt, disbelief, annoyance, holds up hand as in “stop, no”, shakes head “no!”, turns away
• male mime, more annoyed
• more aggressively mimes his beauty and muscles, then with index fingers points to his face, his muscles, to himself, then to female mime, (“I will give me to you”), then points to the rose, then to himself, (“you give me the rose”)
• female mime giggles to herself, flirts, admires male mime’s beauty and muscles, then looks down at rose, smells it, shakes head, “no”, turns away but looks back over shoulder at male mime with slight smile
• male mime, more annoyed
• more aggressively mimes his beauty and muscles, then with index fingers points to his face, his muscles, to himself, then to female mime, (“I will give me to you”), then points to the rose, then to himself, (“you give me the rose”), mimes offering to kiss female mime
• female mime amazed, very big smile, looks down at rose, unsure
• male mime, very big smile, mimes kissing, index fingers to rose, back to himself
• female mime very reluctantly gives rose to male mime, strokes the petals, with index finger warns male mime to treat rose kindly
• male mime carefully takes rose, male mime kisses index finger and touches female mimes face on cheek, female mime swoons, she is so happy
• male mime caresses rose, then looks out to audience, coy, sinister look, turns back to female mime, male mime plucks a petal from the rose
• female mime is hurt, angry, wags index finger at male mime, “don’t!”, asks for rose to be returned to her
• male mime is repentant, holds hands together, begging forgiveness, shows that he will treat rose nicely
• female mime not sure, reluctantly allows male mime to keep rose
• male mime smiles, turns away, cold, hard look on face, pulls off several petals
• female mime is very distraught, demands that male mime return the rose
• male mime very angry, with index finger points at rose then back to himself, “this rose is mine”. Repeat.
• female mime cries, tries to take rose back
• male mime laughs at female mime, pushes away from female mime,
• turns his back to her holding her rose so she can’t get it,
• male mime very angry, strips a couple of more petals and leaves off rose, in doing so the thorns dig into his hands
• male mime is furious, throws rose at female mime, pushes to side with center-stage hand as though to push female mime from his life, storms off stage, laughing at female mime
• female mime cradles her wilted rose, looks down at rose, she bows her head in shame and sadness and looks at her rose again in sorrow.
• female mime holds rose in hand hanging lifelessly, very sad

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