The Sniddles

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Titus 2:7

All little Sniddles want to grow up to be like big Sniddles.Sometimes learning from example is not a good thing. We must have the knowledge to know when to follow an example. That's what Jesus was trying to teach and to show.

This script can be used as a sidecoach narrative in which participants hear the story for the first time as they create movement spontaneously. The story can also be used as narration for a practiced, rehearsed mime piece.

Once, a group of Sniddles lived near the beach. One little Sniddle loved to play in the sand and make castles of all sorts. Itsy, bitsy castles could take hours to create or gigantic castles could take just minutes. Each play session filled the little Sniddle with joy.
One day when the little Sniddle was playing in the sand a big Sniddle came by. The little Sniddle looked up and smiled, for all little Sniddles want to grow up to be like big Sniddles. The big Sniddle said, "Why are you wasting your time? Big Sniddles don't play in the sand." Then the big Sniddle walked away. The little Sniddle collected the buckets and shovels that were spread across the sand and shuffled behind the big Sniddle muttering, "I'd better stop making sand castles."
The next day the little Sniddle decided to play in the waves instead. And so the little one ran into the water and played--jumping over and diving through the wonderful waves. The little Sniddle loved to spend days at the beach and play in the waves. One day when the little Sniddle was frolicking in the waves a big Sniddle came bustling down the beach. The little Sniddle jumped through the water and waved to the big Sniddle.
The big Sniddle called out, "Why are you wasting your time in those waves? Big Sniddles don't play in the waves." As the big Sniddle hurried down the beach, the little Sniddle gathered up goggles and flippers and followed the lead of the big Sniddle thinking, "If I can't play with the sand or the waves, maybe I can play with the big Sniddles."
Well, the little Sniddle grew up to be a big Sniddle and didn't play at the beach anymore--for the little Sniddle was no longer little. The little Sniddle had finally become a big Sniddle and was glad to be big. But, the once-little Sniddle felt that being big wasn't quite as good as everyone said it was. The not-so-little Sniddle felt as though something was missing in the big Sniddle world.
Time went by for that once-little Sniddle. One day when walking on the beach, far away from the wonderful waves and super sand the once-little Sniddle spied a dot in the distance. The dot seemed to bounce up and down and dance back and forth. To the not-so-little Sniddle, the movement was almost familiar.
As the once-little Sniddle bustled closer to the beach the dot became recognizable as a small Sniddle jumping around the beach and playing in the sand.

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