The Substitute

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes

This mime shows how through all troubles and tragedies in life Jesus bears our difficulties

NOTE: Mimes do not necessarily have to be whitefaced, regular clothing is satisfactory. Jesus, (Mime 3), would likely be dressed in white.

Sample of script

Mime 1 comes on stage, playing with large mimed ball.

Mime 2 comes on stage, watches Mime 1, grins viciously, sneaks up behind Mime 1, grabs ball away from Mime 1.

Mime 1 watches as Mime 2 plays with his ball, Mime 1 frowns, sad.Mime 1 reaches in pocket, pulls out three small balls, juggles.

Mime 2 starts to notice that Mime 1 is having fun, gets progressively serious, annoyed, angry, throws the large ball away in disgust.

Mime 3, (Jesus), comes on stage, Upstage Center position, watches Mime 1 and 2.

Mime 2 walks over to Mime 1, very angry, grabs the three small balls, pushes Mime 1 down to the floor.

In total unison with Mime 1 falling, Mime 3 falls.

Mime 1 and 3 stand up, feel for bruises.

Mime 3 walks to Mime 1, puts arm around Mime 1, dusts off his clothes, comforts Mime 1.

Mime 2 is happily playing, juggling, out of corner of eye watches Mime 1 and 3, becomes progressively aware of them, and progressively more angry, finally throws balls away, walks in front of Mime 1.

Mime 2 is immediately in front of Mime 1, Mime 3 puts arm around Mime 1, Mime 2 pushes Mime 3 to the side. Mime 3 stands sufficiently far away from Mime 1 and 2 that the audience can clearly see Mime 3.

Mime 2 winds up and punches Mime 1. Mimes 1 and 2 must be close to each other, and Mime 1 somewhat masked by Mime 2 in order that the audience can not see that the blow does not actually hit Mime 1.

As Mime 2’s fist “hits” Mime 1, Mime 3 falls backward to the ground, holding his face.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One thing that needs to be worked on is to ensure that Mime 3 does not “telegraph” the fact that is going to be hit by a blow. In every instance throughout the script, Mime 3 needs to very carefully watch as Mime 2 delivers a blow and Mime 3 must react at that exact moment. If the response is either early or late the effect will be lost.

Mime 2, immediately after throwing the punch, (almost as part of the action of throwing the punch), moves to the side in order that Mime 1 is clearly visible to the audience.

Mime 1 has no reaction whatsoever to the blow from Mime 2. Mime 1 looks at Mime 3, looks confused, miming, “but that punch was for me, why did I feel no pain but Mime 3 felt the blow?”

Mime 3 slowly gets to his feet.

Mime 2 looks at Mime 1 and then to Mime 3, confused look on face, becomes very angry, walks to position directly in front of Mime 1, puts both hands up, palms in “hitting the wall” position, so that audience see only back of Mime 2’s hands.

Mime 2 very quickly brings hands down and “pushes” Mime 1 in upstage direction.

In perfect concert, Mime 3 falls backward to the floor.

Mime 2 moves to the side as soon as he has delivered the blow in order that audience can clearly see that Mime 1 shows absolutely no effect of Mime 2’s blow.

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