Who Is Pulling Your Strings

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 8:6
who is in control in your life? Individual mimes are controlled by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as drinking, violence, smoking, drugs, etc., becoming a marionette to be controlled by Satan

Illusion: puppet

Cast: 4 mimes


The scene begins with 3 mimes (or groups of mimes) on elevated surfaces (like a block or a secure chair). Each mime is in a mannequin position. With a music change, one mime who is on a block will become "alive" and act out the associated scene. This continues with each scene through a music transition. Choose 3 scenes. Here are 3 possibilities:

Drinking -- Mime 1
Violence -- Mime 2
Smoking -- Mime 3

Mime A enters as a marionette puppet and looks at the 3 scenes. Music for the first scene begins. Mime A is attracted to the happenings in the three scenes and walks over to more closely consider the scenes.
Suddenly, Mime 1, on the first block, begins to pull the imaginary strings of Mime A and begins manipulating the movement of A. At first the puppet is somewhat unaware that this is even occurring and is simply observing Mime 1’s actions. Mime A, the puppet, begins to feel uncomfortable with the control Mime 1 has over it and grabs the strings above its head and jumps away from the scene.
Mime A moves to each scene. Each time A is attracted and is manipulated by the mime on the block (Mime 1, 2, or 3). Finally, the puppet (Mime A) cuts the strings above its head and falls to the floor. Then, the puppet takes the strings that were cut and offers them to God. Suddenly, the Mime A rises from the floor and begins dancing off stage.

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