Dont Drop It

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Habakkuk 2:2
A comedy that tells about taking the Word and "running" with it. Spreading the gospel. Giving vision.

Man comes on stage, dressed in “Official” track suit and is doing “warm-up” exercises, getting ready for track relay race. He appears nervous, (expressed by taking long, slow, deep breaths, putting hand on stomach)

Sample of script:

There!, I think I’m ready. I’m so nervous! But I have to out my nerves aside for a couple of minutes. Actually 44.9 seconds, to be exact! That’s my goal, (concentrates), I have to carry the baton once around the track in 44.9 seconds.

Oh, you know the feeling of excitement when you can’t wait for something to come. And then, when it does, excitement goes to sheer terror in about, (smiles), point nine seconds!

Well, I’m there at the terror part. I’ve been training for this literally my whole life. All the tests and hurdles along the way have prepared me for this exact moment.

(thinking, smiling)

I remember each of those smaller meets. I was sure those would be the biggest races I would ever face. I had no idea, until I now look back at them, that these were only learning lessons along the way, designed and purposely set there at that precise moment, to challenge me and make me stronger. It worked! I’m here!

I know I can do this! I have a lot of people behind me. And, I even have people ahead of me – three people in particular.

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