Finding The Way

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 14:6
knowing the way. A lighthearted look at trying to give someone directions without even knowing where she wants to go. A good place to start is by listening, then offer directions to The Way, right through to Triumph.

Costuming would be work clothing for Roy, leisure dress (with high heel shoes) for Rhonda.

Sample of script:

Sound of car pulling up, brakes squeal, car door slams. Rhonda walks up to service station attendant, Roy.

Rhonda: Good afternoon.

Roy: Maam.

Rhonda: I was wondering if you could give me some directions. I’m trying to find the way.

Roy: Maybe could. Maybe couldn’t. Depends.

Rhonda: Depends? On what?

Roy: Depends on where to, how and when. You new to these parts, are ya?

Rhonda: These parts, er, yes, yes I’m not from here. I’m just in from the city.

Roy: I ‘spected as much. Fancy clothes. High heels.

Rhonda: Fancy clothes? High heels? What gives, doesn’t anyone in this town . .

Roy: . . . Fineville.

Rhonda: Fine, Fineville, doesn’t anyone in Fineville wear high heels?

Roy: Only women, that’s all.

Rhonda: In case you didn’t notice, I am a woman.

Roy: I ‘spected as much. Yup.

Rhonda: Look, please, I’m kind of lost. I wonder, can you help me find my way.

Roy: Like I said, maybe could. Maybe couldn’t. Depends. You want ta know ‘bout gittin’ ta somewheres in New York City, likely caint help ya. Same’s in Los Angeles or London, England, I reckon.

Rhonda: But this is not New York, and it’s not Los Angeles, its, its . . .

Roy: Fineville, maam, sure is.

Rhonda: Alright, Fineville, anyway, can you help me with finding my way please?

Roy: Like I sez, . . . .

Rhonda: . . . don’t tell me, depends! I am trying to find the way . . .

Roy: Oh, that’s easy. The way. Yup, no problem.

Rhonda: Oh, good! So, which direction do I go?

Roy: Depends.

Rhonda: What do you mean, depends?

Roy: Depends. Ya wants ta go to or come from.

Rhonda: Do you realize how exasperating you are?

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