Looking Out For Number One

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 20:16
who do you we look out for? In this drama Fred has guestionable ways of dealing with his co-workers as well as his clients. He got the job done, but was there other ways he could have done it?

Set: to depict an office, two desks with usual fixtures, phones

Costumes: office appropriate

Sample of script:

Martha is sitting at her desk going through papers as the scene opens,

Fred enters stage

Fred: Hey Annie, how’s things this morning?

Martha, distracted, looks up, frowns: Uh, it’s Martha, and I am fine, OK, I guess.

Fred: No way! I was sure your name was always Annie.

Martha: Really? You called me Betty when you came into the office yesterday morning.

Fred: Whatever. You know, you don’t sound too chipper this morning. Sure everything’s OK? Husband OK, kids well, Betty?

Martha, annoyed: It’s still Martha. And since I am single and have no children, my private life is just fine, thank you.

Fred: Single? You sure?

Martha: Trust me, I would have noticed, and remembered.

Fred: I woulda swore you were married.

Martha: I will let you know if it changes. (pause as she goes through some papers) Sir, this invoice to that new account of yours, Ballantyne Broadcasting . . .

Fred: Ol’ Tommy Ballantyne, him and me used to go to school together.

Martha: So you have told me.

Fred, laughs uproariously: Used to call him, “Too Tall Tommy”! Some of the stories I could tell you about ol’ Too Tall Tommy!

Martha: Uh, thanks but no thanks, I have already had the pleasure. Anyhow, were you aware you sold a shipment of Aggregate 305 to Ballantyne at a price well below our cost?

Fred: Don’t you go worrying your pretty head on that, Annie! Ballantyne will someday a good account. Besides, ol’ Tommy deserves a break, good guy that! Ever tell you about the time him and Harry Chestnut and me we . . .?

Martha: I am still Martha, and yes, you have told me all about painting the cow green. You have told me about it daily, matter of fact.

Fred, slaps Martha on the back: Like to bust my stitches every time I think on that.

Martha, unimpressed: Please, spare us.

Boss, (Mrs. Martin) comes on stage

Fred: Hey, Boss! How’s life in the penthouse suite?

Boss, to Fred, unimpressed: Uh, fine, Fred. (looks at Martha, smiles) Good morning Martha! How’s your mom feeling, sorry to hear she is in the hospital.

Martha: Good morning Mrs. Martin, she is feeling much better, thanks for asking. Doctors say she will be back home by the weekend.

Boss: That is great news, Martha! If you need a day or two off to care for her when she gets back home, just give me a call, OK?

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