Where Are We Going

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11
Flight 101, the Missions Enterprise, is about to take off and it seems like no one understands where they are going, or why!
Do you know the way? Do we just prepare for missions or do we REALLY PREPARE for missions. Do we know where we are going / Who we are going to teach and share with? Do we know all there is to know about each unique situation? If not, why not! A comedy.

Sample of script:

Public Address Announcer talks into intercom, as she talks travellers walk by.

Public Address Announcer reads from clipboard: Ladies and gentlemen, this will be your final boarding announcement for Flight 101, the Missions Enterprise. All passengers should now be on board through Departure Lounge L on the Green Concourse. The Missions Enterprise is now departing for Hangawalla, Binga-banga and Rimmey-Timmey, with connections for points east.

Lady, approaches PA Announcer, grabs clipboard: Young man, exactly what do you mean, "departing for Hangawalla, Binga-banga and Rimmey-Timmey, with connections for points east"? Why everyone knows the Missions Enterpnse is going to Willa-wanka, Billy-bonka and Tebbu-Terry, with connections for points south!

Man, approaches others, takes clipboard out of lady's hands: You are both wrong! It's not Hangawalla, Rimmey-Timmey, Billy-bonka, or any of those other places! Why it is common knowledge that the Missions Enterprise heads non-stop to Fifi-marno, and from there on to Simmbaleena, Philliboxer and Freely-froolly, with connections to points north!

Youth: You older people really do try to complicate things, don't you? I have it on good information that the Missions Enterprise is bound for New-Olderplace, Welcomeback and Tiny-Whereneeded, with connections to points west! Really!

Janitor: What's everyone arguing about? I mean, what does it matter where the Missions Enterprise is heading for? Like, big deal!

PA Announcer: Look, I should know! And I tell you it's Hangawalla, Binga . . .

Lady: You heard me! Willa-wanka, Billy . . .

Man: I'm a world traveller, I ought to know! Fifi-marno, Simmbal .....

Youth, stamps feet: NewOlderplace! NewOlderplace! NewOlderplace!

Janitor: East, west, north, south! Who cares! Really! Much to do about nothing! Has someone got a globe? Let's just spin it and we'll go wherever it stops! OK, now then, I'll close my eyes and I'll point to a spot on the globe. You'll see, this will be great!Janitor spins globe and points finger, says: There! There's our ideal destination!

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