Comfort Zone

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 3:16
God so loved the “world” - that is, all the people living on this earth. Very often, we pretend that we love the “world”, too, but actually we find it hard to get out of our own comfort zone in order to reach out to others and show them true practical love. This skit presents different ways to get out of our comfort zone and get involved with missions. Notice that, basically, we’ll succeed in doing so with the help of prayer and with a teachable heart! This script is also available in French.

Sample of script:

As the lights go up, Max and Monika are already sitting still on the chairs. Max has an open book on his lap and Monika is knitting or doing a word puzzle.

Off-stage voice: (Calling gently) Mr. PlaySafe… Mr. PlaySafe… (Mr. PlaySafe enters somewhat hesitantly.) Mr. PlaySafe really deserves his name. He does not like to take any risks and he takes great pleasure is remaining within a specific zone – a comfortable comfort zone where, very often, he invites other people, and out of which he gets at the cost of many efforts…

Mr. PlaySafe: (To the audience.) But don’t get me wrong: I looooove the world! Honest!

He makes himself comfortable on the couch and starts reading.

Off-stage voice: Mr. PlaySafe doesn’t know it yet, but his looooove for the world is going to be tested!

Scene 2

Max, Monika

Soon into Max’s conversation with his mother, Mr PlaySafe will lend a very attentive ear, switching position in order to get closer to them – while always remaining in his comfort zone. ADAPTATION: Substitute the names of a continent and countries where your church has missionaries. Give all pertinent information.

Max: Mom, Africa is huge!

Monika: Very huge!

Max: 30 311 690 km2, 53 countries, 794 million people.

Monika: Did you know that our church supports missionaries in Africa?

Max: Yeah, but I don’t remember their names.

Monika: In country’s name, we support missionary’s name.

Max: (Looking up in his atlas.) Country’s name: 1 040 00 km2, 3 752 000 inhabitants, main religion: religion.

Monika: In this country, life is not easy for Christians. They share the Gospel, but it often takes a long time before they can see any fruit from their labour.

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