Homeless Alien

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Peter 2:9-12
We are aliens, not of this world, our citizenship is different
A worker on skid row ministers to a homeless person, and they find that perhaps they have this same “alien” affiliation.

Cast: 2 (m or f, any age)

Costumes: Homeless person is dressed in rags

Props: Shopping cart for street person, cart is full of blanket and plastic bags
Food items, clothing in a bag for Chris

Sample of script:

Street person (SP) is leaning on shopping cart
Chris comes on stage, talking to unseen person offstage

Chris: No that’s fine, you guys go on down to Blair Street, you work that area. Likely Nancy will be along to help me later but if not I can look after this myself. . . You can pick me up here about ten.

Chris opens the bag, examines contents
SP watches, mildly interested, a sneer on face, finally speaks

SP: Little out of place are you?

Chris, startled: Uhhh, oh hi there.

SP: Is it your night to spend a few minutes with the unfortunates?

Chris, confused: I . . beg your pardon?

SP: Well, dressed like you are, carryin’ a bag of food and clothing, either you are from the upscale side of the skids or you are a do-gooder on a “mission”.

Chris: Well, I and some of the people from my church are here to . . .

SP: Triple S patrol.

Chris, confused: “Triple S patrol”??

SP: Serving soup, sandwiches and salvation. . . An opportunity for you rich people to get your dose of “feel good”.

Chris: Well first off I am anything but rich . . .

SP: More’s the pity, you were my last hope, I expected you to give me the million bucks I need to claw my way back to becoming a productive member of society. (laughs mirthlessly)

Chris: Sorry to disappoint you.

SP: Look, all life is a disappointment, why should you be any different? . . By the time you wade through all the disappointment in life you will find that all that’s left is despair.

Chris: Jesus is not a disappointment.

SP, laughs: You are new to Street Evangelism 101 aren’t you? . . Didn’t they tell you that before you serve the Jesus tonic to us poor social outcasts that first you feed us stale peanut butter sandwiches?

Chris: Are you a poor social outcast?

SP: Mean you are so green at this street evangelism thingie that you don’t recognize a social misfit when you see one?

Chris: Are you a social misfit?

SP: Did no one ever tell you that you don’t answer a question with a question?

Chris: Did anyone point out to you that is exactly what you are doing as well?

SP: Look you, don’t be smart talkin’ at me, this is the badest part of town and you are on my turf here. . . Besides . . I am a social misfit, an outcast . .

Chris: Really?

SP: Yes really! . . . Tell me little churchy person, what do you see when you look at me? . . Go ahead, tell me!

Chris: Hmmmm, let’s see, likely about 5’10, and some one that God made in his own image.

SP, scorn: Oh nice one, was that what your pastor told you to say when in a tough spot?

Chris: Nope. . . It happens to be what I believe, and I happen to know God loves you.

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