Easter Parable

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 35 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Hebrews 6.6

Contemporary Easter drama, we mock, belittle, plot to hurt, punish others to justify or actions.This drama targets YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS. A football player ( a Christian) by the name of Jimmy talks to the youth group (some of them non - believers) about a player by the name of Jessie. He takes them through a story that they finally recognize as the Easter story. Pastor Tom knew that this very famous sports star would get his message across to this group.

Pastor Tom
Jimmy Pates, football star
Jeff, a reluctant visitor at a youth activity
any number of additional actors

Set: scene is of a youth group activity so little in the way of sets are required

Sample of script

Scene opens with Pastor Tom on stage, Jeff walks on immediately.
Pastor: Hey, Jeff, how ya doin’? Good to see ya here at youth group!
Jeff: Well, it’s not my idea, my mom made me come.
Pastor: Well, I’m sorry that you didn’t come on your own, but, whatever, still good to have you here. I think you’ll enjoy yourself. And, there’s a lot of your friends from school who come to this group. James, Caroline . .
Jeff: Friends? I don’t think so. Churchy geeks. I don’t hang with churchy geeks!
Pastor: Sorry you feel that way, Jeff, but I really would ask you not to speak of them that way. They are my friends, and I don’t like people talking that way about my friends.
Jeff: They’re your friends. So, what does that make you?
Pastor: Sometime I’d really be interested in hearing your definition of a geek, Jeff, but right now I have to go and welcome a guy who is going to be with us tonight. Maybe you might have heard of him. Jimmy Pates.
Jeff: Jimmy Pates? You mean like (emphasize) the Jimmy Pates? You mean the running back at State University? Jimmy Pates is the guy I aim to be!
Pastor: That’s right. And he’s spending the evening with us.
Jeff: Jimmy Pates? You’re kidding? Like Jimmy Pates is going to waste an evening at a geeky church thing! Just why would Jimmy Pates waste his time with this geeky church bunch?
Jimmy comes on stage
Pastor: Well, Jeff, here’s Jimmy now. Why don’t you ask him yourself why he’d spend an evening at a, what was it you called it, “a geeky church thing”, I believe it was? Jimmy, like you to meet Jeff. Seems like you are a hero to Jeff, but he’s not so sure about hangin’ with Christians.
Jimmy: Hi, Jeff, good meetin’ you man! What’s this you don’t hang with Christians? Me, I’m a Christian. You wanta tell me I’m a geek, maybe?
Jeff: But, I don’t understand, you’re Jimmy Pates, you’ve broken every record for yards rushing, touchdowns, total points in a season. I don’t understand, why would you need this, this, . . . .
Jimmy: You’re saying why would I need to be a Christian and give my life to the Lord?
Jeff: I can’t believe this! Jimmy Pates! Talkin’ about geeky Christian stuff, . . . the Lord, . . . I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense! You’re on top of the world, why would you need this geeky church mumbo-jumbo! What would, you need with some God? You are a god!
Jimmy: Me, a god? I don’t think so Jeff! Me, I’m just a sinner! And on my way to hell until God saved me!
Jeff: Aren’t you afraid somebody’s going to hear you talk like that? I mean, Jimmy Pates, talkin’ about bein’ a sinner, goin’ to hell! I mean, what would people say, what would they think?
Jimmy: Jeff, God gave me my athletic ability, and I thank Him for that. All I am I owe to Him. So I want to let everyone know about my personal relationship with Him.
Jeff: But, this is your draft year. Aren’t you worried that pro teams won’t want you, I mean, they don’t want guys who talk . . .
Jimmy: Well, I think my record shows that I can walk the walk, I think that means more than talking the talk. But, I would rather be passed over in the draft, than to be passed over by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Pastor: Jeff, I think you are a little in shock right now, but come along, let’s go join the others. Jimmy is going to tell us a little about what it’s like being a star on the State football team.
Large group of actors come on stage, noisy, “hi Pastor Tom, etc.”, greet each other.
Caroline: Hi Jeff, it’s great to see you here! Come sit over here with James, you remember James, he’s on the Student Council?
James: Glad you came Jeff! Lots of the guys from school are here.
Jeff: Yeh, right! All the geeky guys from all the geeky groups!
James, laughs: I wouldn’t say all of us Christians are all that geeky. Here’s Anthony, last I noticed he was the quarterback on your team!
Jeff: Anthony? You mean, you’re one of these . . . .
Anthony: . . . one of these geeky Christians? Yep, Jeff, ‘fraid so! But maybe just don’t talk too loud about how geeky us Christians are. You remember Rocky, the offensive lineman who makes all the openings for you to run through? Well, he’s here, and he’s a Christian. And last I noticed he was 195 pounds and growing. All he’d need to do is lean on you and you’d be a grease spot on the field.
Rocky: Ya, watch it little guy! Or I might just miss a tackle one day! Don’t worry, just kiddin’
Pastor: All right guys, time to get started. As all of you know, we have a guest today. Jimmy Pates is going to talk with us about his season at State, I know you’ll have lots of questions for him. But before we get to Jimmy, I want to welcome all our visitors tonight, I hope you have a blast. And now, I’d like to ask James to open in prayer.
James: Thanks Pastor Tom. Heavenly Father, thanks for the chance to come out and enjoy our friends, and to learn more about you and your will for our lives. Bless Jimmy as he shares with us, and we pray that we will have a real blast here tonight. Amen.
Pastor: OK, Jimmy, it’s all your’s.
Jimmy: Thanks Pastor Tom, thanks James. Good to see all you guys out tonight. I just hope that you didn’t come to see me because I happen to be a football player. I hope you came to hang with another Christian, ‘cause that’s what I’m here for. Now then, as you guys know, I play on the State football team. And we’ve got a good team this year. I hear some good things about some of you guys, there are good athletes in this town, and I know that we have some of them right here in this room, maybe someday we will be hearing about you guys starring on some of the teams at state. I want to tell you that football has given me the chance to attend a good college, and I’m enjoying the athletics very much. Someday I hope to play pro football, but whether I do or don’t there will come a day when I need to have a real job, and real security. And that’s the real reason I am at college, I’m working on my degree in Civil Engineering. Football and sports in general is great, but we need to think of what’s important in life, and that’s why I’m a Christian.

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