Mighty Ones Of God

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Samuel 23:8-39

Theme:            Creating a ministry from meagre beginnings and how, with God’s blessing that ministry can flourish.


Bible Reference:          2 Samuel 23:8-39, 1Chronicles 11:10-47


Cast:                3, (m or f)


Set:                  blank with 3 chairs


Props:              Bible, cup of coffee


Sound, Costumes:       standard          


Lighting:          two spots would be useful but not essential


Time:              10


Sample of script:           


Jan comes onstage carrying a cup of coffee, sits at a table upstage center, reading Bible

Shortly Kim comes on stage, agitated, goes to downstage extreme right, agitated

Shortly Terry comes on stage, bored, goes to downstage extreme left, bored

Let this play for a few seconds with Kim and Terry playing their emotions

Highlight the person who is speaking at the moment, either by spotlights or by having the non-speaking actor turn their back to the audience, (NOTE: Jan will be seen at all times)

Jan notices what is happening, puts down Bible, trying to understand what is happening

Kim’s and Terry’s lines are delivered out of frustration, short pause between deliveries:


Kim:               I am just about ready to give up!


Terry:             I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.


Kim:               I keep waiting for the perfect timing . ..  It never seems to come!


Terry:             Everyone says my opportunity will come, just be patient!


Kim:               This is just impossible! . . . . I know God has given me this ministry he wants me to do. . . .


Terry:             Everyone is telling me I need to be involved in ministry. . . But what? . . . With who?


Kim:               But I am one person! . . . . One person can only do so much!


Terry:             I’m not a leader, but I am a good follower, I do my job when I know what’s expected of me.


Kim:               I keep hearing that people will come alongside me to support. . . . But they only are alongside long enough to pass me by!


Terry:             Maybe it’s just that my life isn’t the way it should be, I admit I haven’t led a perfect life. . . . But I have turned my life around and I know God has forgiven my mistakes.


Kim:               I’ve never really noticed before how people avoid commitment. . .  When the going gets tough, the people get going, . . . in the other direction.


Terry:             Everyone talks about how hard it is to find good help. . .  Try being a person who is willing to work if given a good ministry opportunity!


Terry sits down, back to the audience, where possible Terry will be in the dark

Jan stands, moves to Kim


Jan:                I couldn’t help overhearing. . . .  You are troubled.


Kim, angry:   Troubled? . . . You call this troubled? . . . Yes of course I am troubled. . .
For a long time now I have felt that God was calling me to ministry. . . .
And what happens?


Jan:                I guess you will have to tell me what has happened.


Kim:               Nothing! . . .  Nothing, that’s what!


Jan:                OK . . . . I am afraid I don’t quite understand . . . But I would like to hear about it.


Kim:               Finally someone wants to hear. . . .  And I don’t know you, don’t even know your name.


Jan:                I am Jan. . .  And you are?


Kim:               Kim.


Jan:                Good to know you Kim. . . . Now you were  going to tell me all about your ministry.


Kim:               I was?


Jan:                Well Kim, you did say no one wants to know, and actually I would like to hear.


Kim:               OK Jan, so you want to join with me in my ministry?


Jan:                I’m not sure Kim, you haven’t told me what your ministry is all about so how can I know if I want to be involved?


Kim:               See, there you go, about to make excuses about why you can’t be involved in my ministry.


Jan:                That’s not quite fair is it Kim? I do deserve to know something about your ministry before I commit.


Kim:               OK OK, so you have a point. . .  It’s just that so many people have said they are interested and it all turns out the same, they make excuses and walk away.


Jan:                Suppose you tell me more so I can see if I am right for your ministry?


Kim:               I believe God wants me to start a ministry to homeless people in South Africa.


Jan:                Wow, amazing! . . . I have often thought of the needs of the homeless.


Kim, excited:  Really? . .  Wonderful! . . .  Come join in my ministry to the homeless of South Africa.


Jan:                Well I need more information before I can commit. Tell me, I suppose you will be raising money, putting together care packages and sending them to South Africa?


Kim, shock:    No! . . . We will be going to South Africa to work with the homeless!


Jan:                Oh you mean living in South Africa? . . .  Well, I don’t . . .


Kim:               Just like all the rest, I can hear the “Oh how I wish I could but . . .” . . . Why don’t you just say you aren’t interested in serving with me in my ministry?


Jan:                I’m not saying that Kim because I don’t mean that. . . . I am committed to the cause of homelessness and I help where I can. But I have a job here and I can’t just walk away from it. . . . Perhaps I could do something in supporting your ministry from here while you are serving in South Africa?


Kim:               That won’t work, the ministry I have on my heart would need at least two on the ground, even more preferably.


Jan:                Maybe I might know of someone who could be available.


Kim:               Sure, that’s what they all say.


Jan:                Just wait here . . . I will be back.


Jan move to stage left toward Terry

Lights down on stage right, up on stage left, Terry turns to look downstage


Jan, to Terry: Hi, I couldn’t help hearing what you were saying about looking for a place to serve.


Terry:             Yeh, so? . . . You have something for me?


Jan:                Well, not me specifically, but a person I know is planning a ministry to homeless people.


Terry:             You are kidding? . . . I am passionate about what homeless people go through. . . .  So what’s your name? . .  I’m, Terry.


Jan:                Hi Terry, I am Jan. . . . This person, Kim’s his (her) name, plans to be working with homeless people in South Africa.


Terry:             Awesome Jan, so, you people are moving to South Africa, working with homeless people? . . . I love the idea!


Jan:                Listen, why don’t you come with me, meet Kim, hear directly what the plans are?


Terry:             Can’t happen too soon for me Jan!


Jan and Terry move toward Kim, lights up on the entire stage

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