Getting It Done

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:19,20
a comedy drama showing military type training for people who understand the importance of spreading the word. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Sample of script:

Leader: Alright now! All here and accounted for? Susan?

Susan: Here, sir!

Leader: Actually it’s ma’am, but regardless, your presence noted. Dorothy?

Dorothy: Here we are, here we are, here we are!

Leader: Uhhhhhhh, perhaps a simple “Present” would do the job,

Dorothy. However, those things being said, good to see you troopers here.

Susan: Excuse me, sir!

Leader: Ma’am.

Susan: I really prefer not being called ma’am if you don’t mind sir.

Leader: No, you don’t understand, what I meant was, don’t call me “sir,” I am “ma’am.”

Susan: Then why did you say “ma’am” sir!

Leader: I did not say ma’am, what I said was . . .

Dorothy: Yes you did, yes you did, yes you did.

Leader: Yes, well I know I said “ma’am” but . . .

Susan: How can you say you didn’t say when you just said that you didn’t say what you said? Sir!

Leader: This is getting us nowhere, and what we need is to be getting it done.

Dorothy: Getting it done, getting it done, getting it done.

Leader: I know I shouldn’t ask, Dorothy, but why do you repeat everything?

Dorothy: I came from a poor family. My brother always wanted a parrot and we couldn’t afford to buy one so . . .

Leader: . . . so you became the parrot. I knew I shouldn’t have asked.

Dorothy: Arrrrkkkkk! Polly wants a cracker!

Susan: If I may be so bold, exactly what are we about to be getting done? Sir!

Leader: The task at hand, that’s what!

Dorothy: Getting the task at hand done? Mmmmm. Interesting. Mind telling me . . what will it take?

Leader: Take? Well just let me tell you, it will take more than you can likely imagine. First and foremost: authority....

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