Holy Servant of God

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 35 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 9:37
the life of Hudson Taylor, a man who took the gospel to the Chinese people.

Sample of script:

Narrator: My name? My name is Hudson Taylor. Servant of God and the dear Chinese people. For over 50 years God granted me the privilege to serve His holy purposes. I did nothing, He done much. I followed in prayerful obedience, He lighted and forged the way. Fact is I knew that it was not I but He. I thought of my role thusly,

As a servant of the Almighty I must move men through God - by prayer.” Yes, and furthermore, I early on found the truth in the fact: "He that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord."

I was asked many times how did I move the masses in England and America to support and foster the ministry in China? Rubbish! It is God who answers prayer and moves men.

Snippet 1

Boy playing with toys, humming, singing, "Jesus, I am resting, resting, in the joy of what thou art."

Boy: Mother, where is father?

Mother: Your father is at the store, after which he will be leaving to lead prayer meeting at the church.

Boy: So, father will not be home until late again tonight?

Mother: No, Hudson, dear, your father is needed as plans are made to send assistance and missionaries to the Orient.

Boy: The Orient? It is so far away. I would like to be a part of sending assistance to the Orient, but, how is it possible? Father showed me on the globe in his study where China is located. How can we possibly have impact so far, far away?

Mother: We can not. God, through His Holy Spirit surely can. For this reason we must be in prayer that His great purpose be done, both here and in the Orient.

Boy: Prayer. I have been thinking long and hard about prayer mother. I don’t think I know just how much we can do through prayer.

Mother goes to boy, holds him close to her

Mother: Wise words spoken from such a young child! Truly the human mind can not comprehend the awesome deeds which prayer can accomplish. Yes, yes, child, we must all, young and old alike, think long and hard on the matter of prayer.

actors move apart

Boy: I have been thinking about my future, mother.

Mother: Hudson dear, it is well to think on the future but bear in mind that you are young and need to think as well on childlike things as well.

Boy: I have been planning my future, for when I become a man.

Mother: And what plans do you have for your future my young friend?

Boy: My plan is that when I am a man I mean to be a missionary and go to China.

mother takes boy in her arms

Mother: My son, surely you must know that your father and I have been praying that God will use you in a mighty way to reach out to the peoples of the Orient, people who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Although it must be as the Lord calls you, it would be an answer to prayer to see you serve.

Boy: Mother, it shall be. I shall be a missionary and go to China.

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