Make a Difference Where You Are

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:19
mission fields come in all sizes and locationsGod has called some to go to the 'large' mission fields to do His work, while He calls others to be a witness in the smaller areas, for instance working in a kid's summer camp . . . . groooss

Sample of script:

Scene opens as all actors are sitting around the campfire.

Dean: Well, I don’t know. Sometimes I think we really don’t get through to these kids at all.

Shawn: I know what you mean! Here I am, a counselor at a kid’s camp for the summer. I thought for sure I was going on that missions trip to Europe this year!

Melissa: I really didn’t think I would be dealing with kids with poison ivy for the next six weeks. I was hoping I could really do something that would reach these kids for Christ. I want to let them know how much God loves them!

Cory: I take it you guys haven’t been having the greatest experiences with these kids?

Shawn: No, not really. Ok, example, I spent all day yesterday trying to talk a kid down from a tree. He wanted to try that big swing into the lake, but got freaked out once he reached the top. How am I supposed to witness to these kids if I am dealing with things like that?

Dean: Yeah! This morning I had little Robbie Nelson ask me to walk him to the Tuck Shop to get an ice cream cone. I guess he was worried he would get lost on his own, or something.

Cory: And you, Melissa, haven’t been enjoying all these itchy kids?

Melissa: Every kid that comes in to the infirmary gets a lesson on what leaves are safe to touch and what leaves re not safe to touch. You would think they would pass the message around and tell their friends!

Shawn: I guess I am just frustrated, that’s all. I was just hoping God had bigger plans for me. I wanted to go out into a huge area where I would have the opportunity of witnessing to hundreds of people everyday!

Dean: I never thought I would be stuck in a summer camp with 30 ten year olds.

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