Making of a Mark

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:6
Just what preparation do we need for evangelizing? This comedy monologue drives home the need for careful study and preparation before handling the task of witnessing for the Lord. We must be confident and equipped.

Sample of script:

Monologue - younger woman (mid-to-late twenties), everyday clothing, no special sets, only prop is her Bible in her hand. She will also need a piece of paper that will serve as her bus schedule. She is very "gung-ho"!

Talking to herself throughout the monologue.

(Confident) Okay then, here I go! I'm off to evangelize the world! Well, (blushing), maybe not the entire world today, but at least to my city! I've got great walking shoes and my Bible. That's all I need to show the unsaved that God loves them! All right then, I'm off! (She exits the stage for a couple seconds, then slowly comes back onstage.) I forgot my bus schedule! Where is my head! Okay, I've got my walking shoes, my Bible, and my bus schedule. Got everything I need to get these people saved!

(She exits the stage for a couple seconds, then slowly comes back onstage.)

Hey, wait a minute. What exactly am I going to say? (Tries to think but when nothing comes to mind, she just brushes it off.) Oh, I'll think of something later. After all, I'll be filled by the spirit of the Lord, right? (Quietly.) I think that's what the Bible says. (Confident again.) Anyway, I've been a Christian for seven years now, so I know I can just call on my experience to help me through! Besides, (wisely), he that knows there is an ocean because he has seen a brook has true faith. That's from Matthew, somewhere (digging through her Bible) or (looking puzzled) was it on a bumper sticker?

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