Missions Airlines

  • Cast Number: 16
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Thessalonians 5:17
Missions, remembering there is power in prayer.
This is a series of four separate comedy segments with a central theme, to be used as a missions focus or for general use. Could be used as a series or as individual stand-alone sketches.

- Where's the fuel'' - Giving
- Where's Your Power? - Prayer
- Who's On Board? - Crew
- Where Are We Going? - Christ in You

Sample of script:

Sketch #l - Where's the fuel?

Pilot is sitting, supposedly in the cockpit of an airliner. Pilot adjusts switches in front and above and tests controls, speaks into headset.

Pilot Richards: This is Captain Richard from Flight 101 Missions Enterprise, requesting clearance for takeoff, request Runway One Niner.

Ground Crew Supervisor Montgomery: Takeoff? You are requesting permission for takeoff? Captain Richards, do you realize that your aircraft has not been fueled?

Pilot Richards: Who is this? And what do you mean we haven't been fueled?

Montgomery: This is Ground Crew Supervisor Montgomery. And, read my lips, you have not been fueled!

Pilot Richards: Well, Montgomery, that's terrible! I mean, here we are all ready for takeoff, and you tell me that we haven't been fueled! Well, we can't hold everybody up over a little thing like fuel! We shall just have to takeoff without fuel!

Montgomery taps his headset, can't believe what he is hearing: Captain Richards, do you realize what you are saying? Takeoff without fuel? Why even if you get off the ground, you certainly won't have enough fuel to power you to your destination!

Pilot Richards: Look here now Montgomery, are you trying to tell me that, that . . . we have to have fuel to power us? No one ever told me about an aircraft requiring fuel. (thinks) Just what is fuel anyway?

Ground Crew Supervisor Montgomery: I don't believe this! You are a captain, trained to navigate this huge l3 million dollar aircraft, and you don't know what fuel is, or what it's for?

Pilot Richards: Well, I missed that class, measles I believe it was.

Montgomery: I can't believe it! I mean . .

Pilot Richards: Oh, believe it! I had spots all over me! I called my mom and she . .

Montgomery: I don't mean the measles! I mean, I can't believe that they would turn out a captain who doesn'teven understand the need for fuel in an aircraft!

Pilot Richards: Well, I'm sure glad that you're here, Montgomery! Our aircraft, the Missions Enterprise, has a long flight ahead. Can you tell us, what is the fuel that powers the Missions Enterprise?

Montgomery: Very well then, captain Richards! Listen closely! The fuel which powers the Mission Enterprise is . . . giving!

Pilot Richards: Let me get this straight, Montgomery! You are telling us that, . . . giving, . . is the fuel that powers the Missions Enterprise. Is that right?

Montgomery: That is exactly right! Without . . giving . . the Missions Enterprise would simply never get off the ground!

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