Missions Mash

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 9:37-38
Some down home folks are off to missions in Mexico, well, if that can get things figured out they will be. Celebrating missions, preparing well, understanding the need, using sensitivity.

Sample of script:

Abraham: Hellllllllloooooooooooo y’all! Anybody ta home? Don’t seem ta find nobody around these here parts. Where at are y’all?

Tracy: Did I hear someone calling? Oh, hello there, may I help you please?

Abraham: Y’all sure ‘nuff kin I reckon. Me, I’m a-lookin fer ta find Rancho Betanchovies.

Tracy: Well, as you can see if you look around sir, we don’t have any Ranchos, and as for anchovies, well . . .

Abraham: Bet . . . . anchovies! Bet . . . anchovies!

Tracy: Well, we are Christians, so we have nothing whatsoever to do with gambling . . . .

Abraham: Betanchovies why it’s got nuthin ta do with gambling, doncha see . . . . .

Billy: Hi, Tracy, how are you, who is your friend?

Tracy: Hi Billy, this here is . . . I’m not real sure, but he is looking for the casino.

Billy: Casino? What are you talking about, Tracy? There’s no casino around here. And you sir, just exactly why are you wanting to gamble, don’t you understand that gambling isn’t very . . . . .

Abraham: I’m not talkin’ gamblin’, I just said, “Betanchovies . . . . . . . .”

Billy: Oh, sure! Start off betting small, peanuts, anchovies, first thing you know . . . well, just awful, that’s what!

Tracy: My friend’s neighbor lost his house in a card game, better watch it!

Abraham: No, ya don’t understand, I’m a-talkin’ missions, Mexico . . .

Billy: Now, that’s one thing we do know all about, our church is very involved in Mexico, yes and in mission activities.

Tracy: Exactly, and I will have you know, Mr . . . .Mr. . . . . . sorry, what was your name Mr. . . . . . Gambler?

Abraham: Abraham.

Tracy & Billy, together: Abraham?

Abraham: Yeppers, that there’s my name all right.

Tracy: How dare you have a name like Abraham, straight out of the Bible?

Helen: comes on stage: You are out of the Bible? Must have been a tight fit. . . .Get it . . outta the Bible . . . tight fit . . .get it?

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