Persecution in China

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 119

Persecution of the church in China. A pastor by the name of Gong is in prison under the "evil cult" law for starting the South China Church. Many people are suffering the same fate as intolerance for Christianity abounds.

Sample of script:

Theological construction!

Yes, that’s what they call it.Religious freedoms.


But while Chinese leaders talk of reform, Chinese Christians continue to suffer persecution under the 'evil cult' law.Three friends of mine, unregistered Catholic priests, Fathers Wang, Ma and Pang, were sentenced under the 'evil cult' law for 'disturbing the peace of society'. All three are now in a labour camp.Theological construction.


Evil cult laws.

It all makes a mockery of the 'religious freedom' clause in the Chinese constitution.

An example, the South China Church (SCC) is an unregistered evangelical house church of about 50,000 believers spread across ten provinces here in China. But now the government has branded the SCC an 'evil cult' and intensified its persecution of the church.Since the crackdown on the SCC began, five members have been sentenced to death, and over 200 of the SCC leaders have been arrested, receiving sentences ranging from one year to life imprisonment.

More than 500 of the SCC's full-time evangelists have lost their homes with all their properties confiscated, and thousands of ordinary believers have been beaten, received short- term detention, and been heavily fined.

Ah, yes, theological construction, all right!

Religious freedom at it’s finest!

And now those in the SCC are to go on trial, a trial which will be closed to the media and all outsiders. The prison has them in shackles, shackles cutting deep into their skin. One person is cut so deeply that you can almost see his wrist bone.

They have been malnourished and fed very little, so they really have no idea where they are or what is happening.

Pastor Gong, the founder and leader of the SCC, is a compassionate evangelical Chinese Christian leader. Where is Pastor Gong today? He is on death-row, for the sake of the gospel.

Psalms 31 says:My times are in Your hand;Deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from those who persecute me.

I admit it. There have been times when I wondered if God truly did hold this situation in His hand.

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