Persecution in Indonesia

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 16:19-24

The persecuted church in Indonesia. Many Christians have been killed or wounded under the leadership of a new President. It is the work of Islamic extremists in a 91% Musim country. Are the Christians too insignicant?

Sample of script:

Joe and Jess come on stage, newspapers in hands, followed shortly after by Moe

Moe: Hey, Joe, Jess, what’s happenin’?

Joe: Hi Moe, just reading the paper, catching up on world news.

Moe: Why bother? Only news is bad news.

Jess: Don’t disagree with you, Moe, but we can’t just ignore what is going on around the world now can we?

Moe: Yep, actually we can, just watch me.

Joe: You mean you don’t listen to anything that is happening, never read the newspaper?

Moe: Oh I read the newspaper all right. Sports section mostly.

Jess: Nothing on current events around the world?

Moe: Nope, like I said, it’s all bad news, I don’t need someone half way around the world to make me depressed, I can just watch the New York Rangers and get instant depressed!

Joe: But if you watch TV you are bound to see the war, bloodshed and violence that is happening.

Moe: Yep, see that every time I watch a hockey game.

Jess: Very funny! (opens up newspaper) See here! (reads) “At least 60 Christians were wounded when bombs exploded during morning services at two churches in Jakarta on Sunday 22 July. "I was praying and it suddenly exploded," said one Christian woman. "It turned very dark, I was crawling on the floor asking for help. I was screaming. I collapsed." Just as the minister was about to begin the sermon in her church the bomb exploded. Part of the roof collapsed and thewindows shattered filling the church with thick smoke and raining down glass on the 800 Christians present. Two members of the congregation had legs blown off in the explosion.”

Moe: Hey, wait a minute, what kind of talk is that? “Legs blown off?” Give me a break, let’s get real!

Jess: You want real, this is real! Listen! ”Minutes later a second bomb exploded outside another church in Jakarta as worshippers were leaving the service. Thankfully no one was killed in either blast. The bombings came in the midst of political turmoil in Jakarta. Indonesia's parliament unanimously voted to sack beleaguered President Abdurrahman Wahid and replace him with Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri on Monday 23 July. Police are reported to have said that the explosions were linked to these events. Seventeen Christians were killed and 120 wounded when bombs exploded in more than a dozen churches in nine cities across Indonesia on Christmas Eve last year. Three men have been sentenced to either eight or nine years in prison for their part in the blasts. Meanwhile, in Indonesia's Moluccas islands thousands of Christians have been slaughtered by Islamic extremists in religious violence since 1999.”

Joe: It is unbelievable how Christians in Indonesia are being treated. Incredible persecution!

Moe: Hey, hold on a minute here! Maybe we oughta remember Indonesia is a Muslim country. Christians can’t expect first class treatment in Indonesia, like I said, it’s a Muslim country. I heard there’s just a handful of Christians in the whole country. So Christians are insignificant compared to the total population.

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