Putting On The Armour

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:10-20
A three scene drama asks whose soul is it? How do we ask for God's protection? The Bible offers so many ways. God has promised to be there for us. Many references are used in this drama. Christians getting protection from Satan

Sample of script:

Scene 1

B and C are arguing while sitting on a park bench.

B: Christianity is so full of lies.

C :What makes you say that?

B: Just look at the Bible, it’s supposed to be God's word to humans. But, humans wrote it, and it has so many versions...NIV, KJV, Living, and others. You have to wonder how can the original meaning has survived, there are sure to be misinterpretations.And, the churches are supposed to be the body of Christ and to love each other. But, there’s all the different denominations, each with their own theories, customs, rules and regulations. For example, there’s the Methodist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist, and many more. Some churches even accuse each other of being a cult or Satan worshipers.

C: Well, you are partially right.

B: I am? Hey, what’s going on here? You are supposed to be the Christian here!

C: Well, we are all human. Churches are made up of people, and people are human, we all fall short of what we are supposed to do. Christians are not perfect.

B: No kidding! O.K., now, think about these Christians. . . . how many of them are real, seems most of them live their church life separate from their weekday life. Some of them even use church as a place to attain a good social standing. Churches are full of hypocrites! I think all the junk they say about Satan, and demons, and a spiritual life, is just a way that Christians escape from the reality of death, so they come up with allthis mumbo jumbo. You see, Christians are weak people, thus the need for a religion.

C: Can you hold on for just a minute? Be right back.

C: (Kneels down and prays quietly)Lord, open his eyes to see, his ears to hear and his heart to understand. Amen

C: Do you really want the truth? The real truth...

B: Sure. If you can show me proof I will probably believe in God too.

C: O.K., now. Are you ready to go on a trip?

B: Sure where, to? McDonalds?

C: Nope!! Just close you eyes and hold my hand.

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