The Peace Train World Tour

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 10:5-9

Get on board the Peace Train, the three segment mission excursion to the unreached people groups in the world! The Peace Train will make (comedic) stops to find out information abut how missionaries are making a difference worldwide, with good cultural sensitivity. Along the way we encounter many wonderful people, (and some not-so-sophisticated tour guides who really don't get it real well). The program speaks of the Southern Sama in Philippines but could be adjusted to address any mission area. Well, don't just stand there, get on board!

Sample of script:

Segment 1

Ramona comes on stage, looks around, checks out chairs, shakes them, wipes off invisible dust, etc., shakes head in disapproval

Ramona: I do declare! Folks up at Home Office for sure never been on excursion, else no way would they send out such a dilapidated tour bus and expect us to make do.

Land sakes, I mean, they know I am good, no question I am good, whole world knows I’m good, but even my incredible talent and charm can only do so much! Why here I am, Ramona Underhaspen-Fredenbourg, just the most experienced tour guide in the whole Peace Train World Tour organization, . . (smiles sweetly). . . not to mention the most gorgeous!

Anyways . . need to get the show on the road, like I always say . . . did I happen to mention I was for many years the brightest star on Broadway . . . oh my yes, an actress without equal, what with my incredible talent and charm . . . not to mention being the most gorgeous! But it is not my way to put on airs, not too likely. (looks around) I do declare! Wherever are the crew they sent me to run this Peace Train World Tour? They shall learn real quick-like, no being late under the command of Ramona Underhaspen-Fredenbourg!

Priscilla comes on stage, sees Ramona, moves deliberately to Ramona

Priscilla: Excuse me, Ms. Ramona Fredenbourg, I presume?

Ramona: Ramona Underhaspen-Fredenbourg. I retained my maiden name.

Priscilla, holds out hand to shake Ramona’s: Priscilla Mason, I have been assigned as your assistant tour guide for this mission.

Ramona pulls hand away quickly, frightened.

Ramona: Have you A45-75’ed?

Priscilla, confused: A45-75’ed? I am afraid I don’t understand.

Ramona, amazed: Here we are going into the deepest jungle areas, rampant with malaria and every plague known to man, and Home Office doesn’t indoctrinate you into the necessity to generously apply A45-75 skin cleanser!

Priscilla: I assure you I have observed all the necessary safety precautions as prescribed in P&P 436S, as amended May 2004.

Ramona, confused: P&P 436S was amended in May 2004? Where was I on the distribution on that memo?

Priscilla: Not to worry, it spoke only to the upgrading from the old yellow adhesive tape to the new red variety.

Ramona: Isn’t that the last thing this organization needs, (winks, chuckles), red tape! Get it . . red tape . . little inside the organization humor there!

Priscilla, not amused: Uhhh, yes, very little.

Freda wanders aimlessly onstage, spies the other two, comes over, talking in loud voice

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