Cross - Cultural Awareness

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 9:37
being in tune with cultural sensitivities. When we go into another culture, we must learn all we can about the people and the body language we must use to convey the message we intended.

Sample of script:


The Missionary
The Village Chief
The ‘Linguist’.

Note: The linguist is the one traditionally responsible to be the intermediary between the Chiefand the Visitor, even if they share a common language.

The ‘missionary’ explains to the audience that the purpose of the sketch is to show how easy it is to make mistakes and offend people of another culture, unless we take the time to understand what is happening.

He then ‘selects’ two members of the audience to help with the sketch.

Taking the 2 to one side he quickly explains their roles.

To the Linguist he says: “Your job is to take me to see the Chief. Show me to the unoccupied chair. Listen to everything I say, and repeat it to the Chief. Do not be put off if I interrupt. Just keep trying.”

To the Chief he says: “You are the Chief. Sit on one of the chairs. Look dignified throughout the proceedings. Wait for me to say “When can I come?”, and then you should answer “Come tomorrow”.

Scene: the Chief is seated in one of the chairs, with the other chair facing (angled slightly, so that the audience can see both seated persons). The linguist leads the missionary, carrying a Bible, into the area, and seats him in the second chair.

The Missionary puts his Bible down on the floor, at his left side, and crosses his legs

Missionary: Good morning, Chief, I know that you are a very busy person so I will get directly to the point.

The Linguist meanwhile is trying to repeat this to the chief, but is ignored by the missionary (and so, throughout)

Missionary: “I work as a Bible Translator. (picks up Bible in left hand). This is God’s Message for all of us, and I would like to translate it in to your language, so that your people can hear what God is saying.”

Missionary: Leans forward holding out Bible in left hand. “In order to translate, I would need to come and live among your people, learn the language, and then translate God’s Word, with words that they can understand. When can I come?”

Chief: “Come tomorrow”.

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