The Visitor

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 3:16
A young person is all excited when a visitor, (Jesus), comes to visit, until Jesus sees things in her life which she would prefer left hidden, and even worse when he wants to be involved in all aspects of her life. Jesus is still not welcome even when He reveals Himself, even when He offers love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness. When new opportunities with other friends come along, and that friend, (Jesus), wants to tag along to the party, well . . it just doesn’t work out. So the friend has to be talked into . .forced into . . staying behind, forcing the person to “nail” him in place.

Cast: 1 (male or female, any age)

Set: bedroom

Sample of script:

Girl is in her room reading, there is a knock on the door. Girl opens door to unseen Visitor, smiles, welcomes Him in.

Oh, I’m so glad You are here! I feel so badly that I haven’t been able to spend much time with You lately, Christmas preparations and all. But, finally, here we are, just the two of us, together. Just in time to celebrate Your birthday! Happy Birthday, dear Friend!Come, sit here, in this comfortable chair. Wait, let me get some of that stuff off the chair.

Girl dumps papers and food on the floor.

That’s it! Sit right there. We have so much to get caught up on. Sorry I haven’t had time to visit You in your House lately. You know how it is, busy schedule and all. I know You understand, after all You do want what’s best for me, don’t you?

Sorry I didn’t get around to talking to You last night. By the time I finally finished my Geometry homework I was gassed! I just grabbed my PJ’s, and hit the old sack.

But, here we are, the whole evening to be with each other, no interruptions. Even though I really should be studying for my finals, I just thought, “no way”, I want some quality time with my Friend.

So, what should we talk about?

Love. Yes, that’s it! Have I told You lately how much I really do love You? Have I mentioned how much I look forward to our times together? It is really too bad that my life is such a rat race; school, job, spending times with my friends, you know how it goes. You know I would spend more time with You if I could. Maybe after school things will slow down a bit. Although next semester sounds like it will be even worse than this one.

Did I tell You I was asked to be the head of the Cheerleaders for the coming year? Quite an honor! And, I just knew that You would be pleased, with one of Your people in a high profile position like this. Maybe I’ll be able to put in a good word for You now and then. You know, with the kids who never go to Your House. Not right away, I mean, nobody likes pushy Christians, don’t want to scare them off, you understand. But later, before the year is out, for sure, I’ll be bringing Your Name up quite often. Probably.

Great news! I’ve decided what I want to do for a career after school! I’m going to become an airline pilot. Isn’t that far out? Great wages, good working conditions and just 20 hour weeks. And, sure, it will give me the chance to work closely with a lot of people who likely never even think about You. That was the real deciding point for me, kinda, was the opportunity to be there for You, serving You.

I realize this means I won’t get to serve You overseas like I promised I’d do. That was kind of a silly promise I made, wasn’t it? Me, just a kid at the time, I’m sure You never really took that promise seriously. That’s why I knew You would have no problem with me changing my mind. I want to be in the best place where I can serve You. I knew You would want me as an airline pilot.

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