Hiding the Light

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 5:14-15
A monologue about a woman who is enjoying her brand new pride and joy house, and this home is the absolute number one achievement of her whole entire life, everything is perfect. . . . Oh, and did I tell you, she wants everything about the house to be hidden, entirely unseen by anyone.
A humorous look at how we deal with showing off God’s presence in our lives to those around us.
Set, lighting, sound, costume: standard
Props: duster, small “penlight” flashlight
The following is the first part of the script:

actress is busy dusting, fixing up her house, humming
La la la la la la
(frowns, looks closely at invisible piece of furniture, takes out penlight, shines it on the spot)
Oh my is that duct? I must have missed it!
Must’nt have that, must we? Tut tut!
That would never do!
(looks around, big proud smile on face)
This, after all, is my dream home!
I just can’t believe it, . . . we finally have our perfect home, all that we have dreamed of , and more!
All the years of planning, dreaming, . . not to mention the saving up so we could afford this mansion!
Etc. . . .
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