The Messiah of the Resurrection

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
A follower of Jesus leaves town after the crucifixion, and on the Emmaus road he encounters someone strangely familiar.
NOTE: this drama is not meant to recreate the Biblical account of the meeting of Jesus and the two disciples on the Emmaus road.

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, walking slowly, looking at the ground, shaking head, mumbling to self. Mimes almost bumping into someone, keeps up conversation with this unseen person
actor, annoyed:
Will you watch where you are going? There is enough road for all of us, choose your own part please!
(looks offstage at unseen person, thinking, as though asked a question)
I? Who am I?
What does it matter? You would not know my name, I am simply one of the disciples of the Nazarene, the one we used to call the Messiah.
(uncomfortable, looks around, fearfully)
That is to say, I once was a disciple, a lesser follower, I simply met some of that group and I tagged along, and I . . . .
You, . . you aren’t a . . . Roman are you, by any chance?
(relieved, smiles a little)
Good, well, can’t be too careful now, the way things have gone the last few days!
I will have to get used to being less open about my relationship to the Followers of the Way.
(looks offstage)
What do you mean, what has happened in the last few days?
Where have you been man?
Jerusalem is upside down, very unsafe at the moment for those of us who . . . are you sure you are not a Roman?
Very well then, but surely you must have been living in a trance to be unaware of the happenings of the last three days.
See all of us, Followers of the Way, disciples of the Nazarene, Jesus, the one we called the Christ, the Messiah, all of us came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The Passover, a happy event, all of us in great spirits . . . . Well, the master did make us less exuberant with his constant predictions that he was going to be handed over . . . “to be crucified” as he put it. How could we know that was exactly what would happen?
Judas, the traitor, made a filthy deal with the synagogue leaders to have him arrested, tried and convicted. And so it was that on Friday that he was . . . killed!
(listens to unseen companion)
Of course he was dead! I saw him with my own eyes, on the cross and in the tomb!

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