Talent Night

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:6
Author’s church provides what they call "Talent Night" every three months or so, to enable its members and especially new attendants the opportunity to reach out to the body of the church particularly in the area of music. Having been blessed so often by this event, she began questioning her lack of talent, and decided to attempt to put her feelings into words. It later occurred to her that perhaps others might also share her sentiments and fall into self-doubt. Amidst other melodies, she "sang her song" on her first Talent Night.

Sample of script:

Lord, I wish I did...
But I don't.
If I could just have...
But there's nothing there.
I would love to share You with them in a song...
Yet, when I part my lips
Only silence falls from them.
Or perhaps I could play a melody to make them feel
As though You've touched their hearts...
I have no special talents, Lord
So how can I tell them of You? "Don't be so sensitive," they've said.
Why not tell me, don't be you?
Please just accept me as I am
It's really the only one I know how to be!
Don't ask me not to feel
Please, just accept me when I do. The Good Lord passed out gifts one day, and I stood in line
In fact I stood in every line, but was I too late?
I got a touch of each, but nothing to brag about
...A dab of beauty, homemaking, artistic and musical abilities...
But Father, a dab...is so small...
that's not much to work with... But there it was, all by itself, obscurely hidden
No one really wanted it...
It was the ability to feel...feel for many...
...Be a friend...

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