Throwing Soft Stones

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 8:1-11
What is with this? A teenage daughter refuses to wear clothing which her mother has loving handpicked Nicholas’ Fashion Emporium . . aka Nick’s Next to New.
A mother complains about her daughter but begins to realize how, at the same age, they are very much alike.
This is a “stand-up comedian” type comedy with a message.

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, looking back offstage, speaking

Well, listen here Missy, you may be officially a teen, but fact is you are still under my roof!
And when it’s my roof, it's my rules!
Got it Missy? . . . So get on that coat and boogie off to school, got it?

pauses, listening

Yes, I mean the crummy lame despicable excuse for a coat that no reasonable mother would force their grown up child to wear!
Until I say otherwise you shall wear that crummy lame despicable excuse for a coat that no reasonable mother would force their grown up child to wear . . . like 25 hours a day, rain, sleet, snow or unbearable heat wave!


And a slammed door to you too darling!

turns back to audience

Would you believe that daughter of mine? . . . Just turned 13 and she figures to know and fully comprehend all the mysteries that have baffled humankind for centuries!
Tell me, how do you figure kids today?
Back when we were young there was respect, and there was appreciation of authority.

pauses, thinks

‘Course back then there was only one style, one color, that’s another subject, for another time.

pauses, thinks

Man, I remember, back in . . let’s see . . . maybe grade 9, my mom got me this really putrid lemony color coat, now there was a disaster coat I tell you!
And, . . get this, . . my mom actually expected me to wear that Value Village reject!
Man but that coat, . . just to remember it like turns my stomach, and . . .

pauses, looks into audience, reacts

Hey, one cotton-pickin’ minute here . . don’t go trying to compare that disaster coat that my mom tried to dump on me with Missy’s designer coat that I got for her from Nicholas’ Fashion Emporium!

pauses, listening

Nicholas’ Fashion Emporium!


OK, Nick’s Next to New Discount Clothing!
But Nick is a personal friend and he only accepts clothing donations from the better families in town, OK?

pauses, thinks

Come to think of it, I guess the color of Missy’s coat could, under certain types of lighting, bring on nausea.

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