The Young And The Gifted

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Timothy 1:6

A comedy monologue in the form of stand-up comedy. Theme is being young and gifted by God.
The comedian is explaining to the audience about what is expected of them as the actor and audience relate to each other.

Bible Reference:         2 Timothy 1:6


Cast:                1


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:             8


Sample of script:           


actor comes on stage


Hey! How are you guys doin’ tonight?


smiles, shakes head


Funny thing, have you noticed?. . . Every guy comes on stage seems to say that.


“How you guys doin’ tonight?”

Kinda dumb thing to say . . know what I mean?

I mean it’s not as if you guys are gonna, like, all of you, answer back on that question . . are you?


thinks, smiles


Can you imagine? . . . Fella comes on stage, says, “How you guys doin’ tonight?’ . .Everyone in the audience stands and answers. . .


(assume young and high pitched voice)


“Well I been doing better since I got my wisdom tooth pulled.”



(assume old and deep voice)


“Fact is I got arthritis in my big toe!”


If everybody in the audience was to answer it would take like three days, just for chit chat. . .

No way you guys are gonna sit around here three days, I mean, lucky if I hold your attention for five minutes.


looks into audience as though listening


Yes I said five minutes, OK?

My monolog is like 5 minutes long. .  not counting time for applause and cheering.

Your job is to sit there for those 5 minutes, hang on my every word, soak in my eloquence, give up thunderous applause ,. . .  understood?

Anyhow here’s the plan . .  .

I am about to deliver a monolog that is first cut, first calibre, gonna knock your socks off!

This monolog has never been used before, except for a performance in front of my bedroom mirror.

I tell you the pure humor in this thing is gonna melt your brain.

When I practiced in front of the mirror, it was so funny my mirror like to cracked up.


looks into audience, frowns


Hate to bring this up but, can’t help but notice, seems like my humor isn’t getting through to a couple of you guys.

People, this was why you signed up on this gig, to be wildly enthusiastic about everything I say.

I tell you if I wasn’t involved up here I’d go sit alongside of you, show you what is expected from a top notch audience.

Look, I am the Christian comedian, the Young and the gifted! . . .  Gifted by God!

Your part is to be the Christian audience, the enthusiastic and the receptive. Receptive to my monolog. So if we all do our job things should work out just great.


Understand, I’m not after sympathy applause or phoney laughter. 

I want your laughter and applause to be sincere.

So get on it . . . be wildly receptive and over the moon sincere.

And better start moving on that quick on account of I only got like 5 minutes and you have already wasted like, (checks watch), almost 90 seconds. So we are into what I call audience catch-up mode.


See we are young and gifted, gifted by God, and that's good. But Christian
comedians are at a disadvantage to non-Christian comedians . . .


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