God-Blessed Risk Taking

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Numbers 13:30-14:10

Theme:            God blessed risk. We must be willing to pursue our God ordained passion and not worry about failure.

Bible Reference:         Luke 18:18-23, Numbers 13:30 – 14:10


Cast:                1 m or f
Pastor (or other person makes one word comment)


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:              blindfold, (folded so the actor can see through). Shin pads, elbow guards, helmet


Time:             4


Sample of script:           


actor comes on stage wearing blindfold



This here is some scary.

I’ve never been here on this stage before.

Well, that is, I should say I have never been on this stage before while wearing a blindfold.

I mean I likely have been on this stage a dozen times, and I’ve sat in the congregation like a gazillion times.

(actor points in the general direction of the items below)

And I know there is the pulpit . . .  roughly over there. . .  And the pastor’s chairs are . . . about over there . . And the stairs are like . . . let’s see over there . . .  and . . . . as I recall, over about there.

(pauses, thinks)

Or maybe the stairs are more like . . . (points) . . .like there.

So, OK, I admit it, I am not like 1000% sure of the very exact location of things.

But before doing this I went and had like a really good look-see around the stage, and I, as much as possible did what you could say is my homework.

And I mostly figured out the possible problem areas.

Like wow, those stairs . . . if I take a tumble on them things it could be like some serious is what. I could go and get serious damage to this face and body.

So I figure I am gonna stick over here to this side of the stage, away from the dangerous side where a confrontation with stairs could result in blood and pain . . . my blood and pain I might add.

And I wore these here shin pads and elbow guards and this helmet, just in case I should fall.

But that’s not all. I mean this protection I am wearing will for sure help some, but, let’s get real here. . . If I should go and take a spill head first down these here stairs . . . Way I see it I could serious rearrange my face. . . .  And fact is I am allergic to pain,  . .  especially my pain!

So on top of trying to memorize the obstacles on this stage. . ..  And as well as wearing this protective equipment . . .  I do me another thing. . .

See I arrange with the pastor in advance to give me a heads up if it should happen that I go and get into a dangerous spot. . .  See pastor, he has been on this stage for like thirty-eleven times and likely he knows better than any human alive all about this stage. In fact he went and wrote a book on what to do and how to do it on this stage.

(actor wanders toward stairs)

So if I was to wander too far over in this direction I know for a fact pastor would for sure say . .


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