Tenthmaker Tithing

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Leviticus 27:30

Theme:            The scary collection plate is being passed around the church and . . . how am I supposed to know what is right and appropriate? Offering, giving, stewardship, tithe, whatever it is called there just doesn’t seem to be any “right” amount.
Something we all struggle with.


Bible Reference:          Leviticus 27:30


Cast:                1 (m or f)


Set, Sound. Costumes:            standard


Time:              3


Sample of script:           


actor comes onstage


Here it comes!

The offering plate.

Used to be, that plate would scare me bad!

I’d think . . . it’s too late to slip out the side door.

I’d figure . . . I am like . .  stuck, no way I can escape!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wasn’t that I didn’t want to give back to the Lord.

I mean, with what He has done for me . . .

I wanted to give, I longed to give . . .

But every time it came time for the plate to be passed by I had these . . .  feelings.

I had this friend, Tom, he was always questioning where the offering plate money went . . He doubted if wise decisions were being made about what the money was being spent on.

(pauses, smiles)

You know Tom . . . he reminds me of . . . .

I mean my friend Tom is kinda  . .  doubting Thomas.

Me, that’s not my problem. I have complete trust in where the money is being spent. . .  Folks in charge are fine, prudent Christian people and they take care of that sort of thing.

Then there’s Marvin. . . .

Marvin he just feels the need to give and give and give to the work of the Lord or anyone in need.

Every need that comes up Marvin he is right there with cash, check book and credit card!

And that there is a really good thing because, Marvin, he for sure loves to give!

Except a bit ago Marvin he got to the end of the month, time to pay his rent and Marvin he had no money left for rent . .  Got kicked outta his apartment.

Now folks around here call him Starvin’ Marvin.

See and there’s the problem I got. . .

Way I see it, Starvin’ Marvin is off base, I don’t think for a minute God wants us to overspend in any area.

Fact is though, Doubting Tom isn’t on the right track either, holding back.

So what are we supposed to do . . .

And with the collection plate coming closer . . . I needed an answer!

But you know, I got another friend, name’a Trent. . . 

Older guy . . . wise for sure.

I asked Trent what I oughta do.

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