Enter The Upper Room

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 2 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 26:17-18

Theme:            This short monologue speaks of some of the followers and successes of Jesus in the last days before his arrest, and ultimately his crucifixion.
As the people are entering the Upper Room there was great joy. . . . but . . .


Bible Reference:          Matthew 26:17-18


Cast:                1 (m or f)


Set, Sound:      standard


Costumes:       likely traditional but could be contemporary


Time:              2


Sample of script:


actor enters with great excitement, looking around


Actor:  Excitement was in the air!
With each blind person given sight, each lame person given mobility, each leper given back their life and self-respect, each demon possessed person set free . . . .
The crowds following him were growing in numbers and enthusiasm.
The excitement grew and the exhilaration soared!
The people of Bethany left Lazarus’ now-empty tomb and jubilantly chased after the Messiah, the one who brought Lazarus back to life!
The triumphal entry into Jerusalem ignited the crowds to new boldness in ignoring the wishes of the temple leaders.
And all of this at the time of the celebration of the Passover!
(looks around, excited)
Massive crowds filled the city making it a carnival feel throughout!
Merchants peddled their wares, their loud voices ringing throughout the streets and even in the temple itself.
(becomes angry)
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