Family Reuniting

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Galatians 6:10
A monologue or reading on reunion, the reuniting, rejoining of family Are we facing a tragic redefining of the family? Useful at a family reunion, or when discussing family issues.

Props: old dictionary, glasses, magnifying glass

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage

Wow!Would you believe it?Three years!Man, how time flies!Can you believe it, all of us, together, again.

We are blessed.All of us, here, . . . together. A complete family.I mean, in case you haven’t noticed, the years are going by.

We are getting older.

Well . . . most of us are getting older. Personally I think I am maybe holding my age better than most . . . but that’s another matter.Can you just imagine it?All of us . . . together!All of us!

Together through all the years.So nice to listen in on the stories, all the times that I have heard things like: “Do you remember when . . .? Or, “you likely won’t remember this but I remember when you and I used to . . .”

Mmmmm! Sure sounds good, sounds real, kinda, I dunno, . . . family!How many families can say they have been able to get everybody together, have a reunion where everyone shows up?

Like I say, . . . we are blessed!A family!Family.I looked up that word the other day . . . hauled out the old Websters Dictionary, here . . looked up “family”.(opens up dictionary).Gotta tell you something, I have been using this old dictionary for lots of years now, but sorry to say, this dictionary is changing. For one thing the pages are getting more dog-eared. No wonder there, I mean our whole family has grown up around that dictionary. Gotta tell you, lots of times old man Webster had to settle a disputed word in Scrabble. . . . I still do believe that “defizzled” was a real word, but old man Webster let me down on that one!Another thing about this old Websters dictionary, I gotta tell you it is getting heavier every year! About all I can do to hold it for long without muscle cramp, seems like.

I got a theory on that. My theory is that with all the rain and humidity and stuff this book has taken on moisture, that’s the reason it’s so heavy now.Worst of all though, gradually, over the years, somebody has gone and changed the size of all the letters, words in this old Webster dictionary. Why I can recall when I was a kid there wasn’t one little part of this dictionary wasn’t an easy read.

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