Crockpot Hospitality

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Peter 4:9
the ministry of hospitality, how showing warmth can minister to others. People really don't remember what you served for supper, but they will never forget the fellowship around the table. Jesus taught that hospitality is opening up your heart as well as your home.

Sample of script:

Someone said the other day that hospitality is a lost art. It really is! Think back to when you were growing up, and I am sure most of you would say that it was very rare if you didn’t share your dinner table with extended family or friends on a Sunday afternoon. I know in our home, when we had a family meal it was never ‘what are we having’ it was ‘who are we having’. Somewhere along the way, society told us that we had to make our lives so busy and we must run at a warp speed pace, to the extent that we don’t have time to get together with others. So, that’s that! Hospitality is a lost art.

Well, maybe not. What it we were to tweak that phrase a little. What if we said, ‘hospitality is a lost ministry’? No way! We can’t let that happen! What would be next? Encouragement is a lost ministry? Music is a lot ministry? We would never let that happen, would we? But hospitality should be every bit as important a ministry as any other.

Your home is an expression of who you are. Regardless of how you decorate it, or would like to decorate it, your home says a lot about you. By inviting someone into your home, you are allowing them to get to know you on a different level. When you have someone into your home, you are actually saying to them, “I want to set aside this time and open my home to you, specifically. I want to get to know you better and maybe even have a little fun, while we’re at it!” You can learn so much more about someone when you have them into your home, than if you were to just keep things at a casual ‘hello’ after the Sunday service. Relationships deepen from acquaintances to friendships.

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