Fruitful Functions

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 6

What would happen if you decided to try out someone else’s job?  You were trained for other tasks and duties, but you wanted to try something different.  Would the intended result be a masterpiece or would it be “back to the drawing board”?

Key words:     working together  parts  ministry  vital jobs


Bible Reference:        Acts 6


Cast:               1, man, any age.


Lighting:        If available, one spotlight will remain on actor at all times. 


Sound:            If available, a lapel microphone would be best.


Costume:        Character is a building contractor, so more casual clothing may suit best.




Scene opens as spotlight comes up on center stage.  Actor enters stage and moves to center.  He is obviously pleased with himself and with what is happening around him.  To further depict his role as a construction/building contractor, perhaps he could have a rolled up paper clenched in one hand, so as to give the impression of a blueprint/building plans.  As he speaks, he is addressing an imaginary person in the audience.


Actor:              This is going to work.  I think things are really coming together.  You know, I think we might actually finish ahead of time – that’s right!  Ahead of schedule!  Wow!  It’s been a long time since that’s happened.

You do not want to know what it was like around here a bit ago!
Sub-floor contractors thinking the drywallers were getting preference, roofers mad at the concrete guys because they felt they were being held back.


pauses, thinks, shakes head, smiles


.                       Fact is you know, it was really my fault.
I mean, I am the boss, and what I was doing was trying to do everyone’s job for them, rather than do what I am supposed to do. 
When you come right down to it that is my job you know.

                        Looking around, as if inspecting the work.


Look at that! Joe is coming along excellent with the foundation.  Looks like the guys are making great progress on the insulation over there. 


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