The Plate

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 2 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Malachi 3:10
A skit about tithing. We try to justify why we don't tithe. We need to place our trust in God. Our offerings will be rewarded several fold.

Director’s tips: since this piece is so short, it is best leading into a sermon/speaker on money or stewardship. It is just meant to make the congregation think about their own struggles with giving.

Sample of script:

(sitting on chair, holding an offering plate)

Great, here we go again. I have been at this church how long now? And never once have they forgotten to pass this thing. I'm amazed, that after all these years, I still get nervous every time I see this thing coming down the row.
You know, it's really not the giving that's the problem. I love to give. I always have. When I see a need, I can't wait to take care of it.
Someone need clothes? I'd love to get them a gift certificate. You need groceries? You may just find a brown paper sack left "anonymously" on your doorstep. If someone's sick, I look forward to helping them by bringing a meal. Even that man that sits on the top of the overpass holding that cardboard sign. I admit, often I reach into my pocket and give what's available. I've given all of my life.

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