Mom You Rock!

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 1:42

A group of children are discussing their mothers.
Suitable for Mothers Day

Cast: 5 (could be boys or girls)

Sample of script:

Billy, Todd and Reggie come on stage

Billy: Hey Todd, Reggie, how’s things?

Todd: Going good, wanna play baseball with me?

Billy: Come on Todd, can’t play baseball with just three people, everybody knows that.

Reggie: Besides we don’t got a ball. . . Or a bat even.

Todd: Well here comes Johnny, he lives just around the block, Johnny can run home and get a ball and bat.

Johnny comes on stage

Reggie: Johnny, if you wanna run home and get a ball and bat us guys might let you play ball with us.

Johnny: You guys don’t have a ball or bat?

Billy: Nope we don’t Johnny so what say you go on home, quick-like and bring us back a ball and bat, OK Johnny?

Reggie: Like I said kid, you get the ball and bat and us big guys might just let you play baseball with us big kids.

Johnny: Seems to me, seein’s how you big kids don’t got a ball or a bat, if me, the little kid, don’t get a ball and a bat, why there just ain’t gonna be no baseball game, way I see it. . . So way I figure it, lettin’ me play ball with you big kids ain’t so much you lettin’ me play as me makin’ it possible for you big guys playin’ your own selves.

Todd: Whatever little kid, . . now just you run on home and get us your ball and bat.

Johnny: Not gonna happen Todd.

Billy: Fact is Johnny, you shouldn’t be going around talking back to your elders.

Johnny: Elders? . . Where at is my elders at?

Billy: Me and Todd and Reggie, we’re your elders, us bein’ older and all.

Johnny: Give me a break Billy, you guys are two years older than me, hardly makes you my grandparents! . . . But no matter, I can’t go back home anyways.

Reggie: And reason for that would be?

Johnny: Mom’s spring cleaning.

Billy: Say no more Johnny! . . No guy wants to step into that hornet’s nest!

Cedric comes on stage

Todd: Here comes Cedric, maybe he’s got a ball and bat, ya think?

Billy: We are talkin’ Cedric here . . . old Cedric he could never figure out baseball.

Todd: Cedric could never figure out walking and chewing gum at the same time, but I just figure maybe he could have an old ball and bat laying around somewhere. (to Reggie) Reggie, you know Cedric kinda, a bit, you go on and ask Cedric maybe he had a ball and bat why doncha?

Reggie: Hey Cedric, you happen to have an old ball and bat around that us guys could use for playing baseball maybe?

Cedric: Sorry guys, I am much too busy to play a game with you. Besides, fact is, I am not real athletic.

Todd: We noticed . . . but fact is all we really need from you is the ball and bat, we can take it from there.

Cedric: Whoever can think of playing games when we are about to celebrate the big occasion.

Johnny: What big occasion is that Cedric?

Cedric: Biggest day of the year next to Christmas is what.

Reggie: What’s biggest day of the year next to Christmas?

Billy: What Cedric is talking about is end of school. . . (dreamy) . . . There was times this year I didn’t think I would make it until school bein’ over, for a fact!

Cedric: What you talking about Billy, no one wants to see the end of school coming around. . . Breaks my heart to see summer holidays!

Billy, Reggie, Todd & Johnny together:
You need serious help Cedric!

Cedric: What I am talking about is Mother’s Day . . and I don’t have a present for my Mom yet. . . . It is so hard to come up with just the right gift.

Johnny: I know what you are sayin’ Cedric. . . I always look for something flashy, super cool . . and under a buck.

Todd: I remember when I was a kid, a fella could get most anything for a quarter.

Reggie: Where you been Todd? I haven’t seen those kinda prices in years.

Cedric: What does price matter when we are talking a gift for our moms?

Johnny: Well, I for a fact am thankful that God gave me my mom.

Reggie: Ever wondered how God figured out what kid to give to what mom?

Billy: Way I see it, God gave me my mom on account of we are related.

Todd: That makes sense, I mean why would God go and give you to someone you’ve never even met before.

Johnny: I think God matched us up by hair color, my mom and me got the same hair.

Reggie: Could be you are onto something there Johnny, makes sense for kids to have the same hair as their parents.

Todd: Wow, amazing! . . So maybe God matched me up with my dad on account of I was bald when I was born. . . Likely God didn’t realize I was gonna get hair, and my Dad . . . not so much!

Billy: Well, I was wondering, seeing as how God made me and all of you guys, do you suppose God made moms too?

Cedric: What kind of question is that Billy? . . Of course God made moms too! . . He just used bigger parts, that’s all.

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