Moms Are Special

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:1-3

Theme:            Mothers do special things for us in so many special ways. Unfortunately they don’t often hear thanks for the special things they do


Bible Reference:          Ephesians 6:1-3


Cast:                3 m or f, likely youth


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Props:              magazines


Time:             6


Sample of script:           


Janie comes onstage, sits, goes through magazines, mumbles, shakes head, more pages


Janie:               That is super sure something she would not want!
(turns pages)
And this even I couldn’t want!
(turns pages)
Where do old people come up with these ideas?
(turns pages)
(turns pages)
And this is just real bad!


Billy & Margaret come onstage


Margaret:         Hey Janie, whatcha doing?


Janie:               Getting more and more upset with finding a present is what, Margaret!


Billy:               If you’re lookin’ for a present for me I could give you some real cool ideas Janie.


Janie:               Just exactly why would I ever want to go and get a present for you Billy Thompson?


Billy:               Just tryin’ to be helpful is what Janie. . . .  So whose birthday is it Janie?


Janie:               Nobody’s birthday that I know.


Billy:               Then why a present?


Margaret:         Think Billy! . . .  What big important day is coming up?


Billy:               Let’s see, it’s not Christmas. . . And I already had my birthday. . . . Sorry, I can’t think of any important days.


Margaret:         Anyone in your house that might be having a special day?


Billy:               Well my little brother lost a tooth but I’m not gonna go get him a present for that!


Janie:               It’s your mother Billy Thompson!


Billy:               My Mom lost a tooth?


Janie:               You know something Billy Thompson? . . .  Sometimes you are such a pain!


Margaret:         That’s not a nice thing to say Janie.


Billy:               Thanks for stickin’ up for me Margaret.


Janie:               So, Margaret, you don’t think Billy Thompson is sometimes a pain?


Margaret:         Billy Thompson is ‘most always a pain, I just don’t think you should come out and say so.


Billy:               Thanks again . .  I think, Margaret. . . .  Anyhow is anyone gonna tell me what special day is happenin’?


Janie:               Wake up Billy Thompson! . .  It’s Mother’s Day, a day to do ‘specially nice things for your Mom.


Margaret:         What did you get special for your mom Billy?


Billy, thinks:    Well .. .  it’s . . . it’s . . . kind of hard to describe.


Janie:               You didn’t get one thing for your mom, did you Billy Thompson?


Billy:               Well, Dad’s been very busy, what with hockey playoffs on and all.


Janie:               What’s your dad’s hockey got to do with you getting your mom a Mothers Day present Billy?


Billy:               See, may Dad and me we got a special thing going about buyin’ presents for my Mom.


Margaret:         Awww that’s nice Billy! Your Dad helps out with gift ideas for what your Mom would like, right?


Billy:               No actually my Dad helps out with his credit card.


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