How Should A King Come

  • Cast Number: 25
  • Run-time: 70 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
A drama with two part narration, considers how the King should come to earth. There is a monologue about how Jesus must feel about the way Christmas is celebrated, Saul and Anna talk about the Messiah, and a young girl and her pastor talk through expectations.
Traditional Christmas carols are used in the drama
Cast: note - all actors may be any age but made up to appear ages identified
two narrators - N#1 and N#2
Voice of offstage person playing the pastor
Sandy - a young girl
Carey - an older man for monologue
Anna - an old woman
Saul - a middle age to older man

Sample of script:

Service opens with worship leader leading in carol singing. As worship leader leaves stage, organist plays softly, Narration begins, organ will play throughout the narration.

N#1: Look around you. Everywhere is the proof that Christmas is once again upon us. The snow, the Christmas gatherings, the shoppers, yes, even the church Christmas programs, they all signal a re-visiting of the old, yet ever new, story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

N#2: Throughout a major part of our planet, people are gathering, just as we are tonight, enjoying the company of friends and family, listening to the re-telling of the Christmas message, as countless millions of people have done over the last two thousand years.

N#1: Have you ever wondered what has kept the story of Christmas alive, what has caused mankind throughout the centuries to honor this tradition, to recount the story of the Baby of Bethlehem, of the Star of the East, of the Wise Men who followed the light of that star, of the shepherds and the common folk who came to worship that Baby?

N#2: Why has the Christmas story remained throughout the ages? Perhaps the reason is that, in a continuance of change, confusion, and complexity, the Christmas story is serenely simple. The Christmas story is one which can not be complicated with philosophizing or with argument. It is as uncomplicated as a child's question, as innocent as a child's smile, as unsophisticated as a child's cry, as spontaneous as a child's laughter. Yet, while Christmas is as simple and as radiantly beautiful as childhood, it does at the same time defy analysis, it silences reason, it ignores advanced deduction.

N#1: Throughout the world there are few societies who would not recognize the story of the birth of the baby Jesus - often not honoring the story, but fully aware of it's existence. The story is well known, including in those parts of the world where Christianity is not practiced, even where Christianity is suppressed. But even in those countries whichidentify themselves as Christian, only a small segment of the population actually attend church on a regular basis. So, although the story of Jesus Christ's birth is well known throughout the world, the reason for His birth remains a mystery to most. Worse, it appears that the birth of Jesus is considered irrelevant by many who nominally consider themselves Christian.

N#2: Join with us tonight as we seek to discover, or to rediscover, the meaning of the Christmas message. May our view of the meaning of Christmas not be blinded by the temporal things of the season: the preparations, the presents, the parties. And may we see clearly, perhaps for the first time, the everlasting truth of the reason for His birth, - and for His death.

N#1: Have you ever wondered: what if Jesus had not come to earth on that first Christmas night so long ago? What if He had not come to earth? What if He had not come?

Lights slowly up on choir stage beginning at "wondered: what if Jesus had not . . .", full up at "What if He had not . . . "

Choir - Alleluia, Our Redeemer Came

Lighting down on Choir stage, up on acting stage, Lapel Mike on - Carey absolutely quiet Carey comes through side door

Opening Scene - Monologue - A Birthday Party Invitation From Jesus

I want to tell you about a letter I heard about. As I understand it, the letter was written to you. Just listen to me, close as I can remember, this is how the letter goes:
Hello my beloved friend!
Well, it's time for my birthday again, so I thought I'd drop you a note. Last year, and for many, many years past, they've had a real big party for me, so it just seems like they prob'ly will again this year. After all, they've been shoppin' and preparin' for it for months now. And in the papers, on radio, and on the tv, there have been announcements and advertisements almost everyday about how, soon, it's comin'! They truly do go overboard about it, don't they, but it's nice to know that at least on one day of the year some people are thinking about me, a little, I guess.
You know, it's been many, many years now since they first started celebratin' my birthday. Back then they seemed to appreciate how important my birthday was. Lately, it seems, most folks are missin' the point of it all.

(balance of monologue)

Carey off stage, lapel mike off, Sandy lapel mike on, Organist plays softly

N#1: Jesus came to earth at Christmas in order that God might be clearly revealed to man. Realize that God has, throughout the ages, revealed Himself to those who would open their eyes to see His creations, who would open their ears to hear His voice, who would open their hearts to sense His Spirit. God has revealed Himself through inspired spokesmen, through a thought from a book, a touch from a care-giver, through a word from a friend, the warmth of a smile from a stranger. But God wanted a more personal glimpse into His very heart, and for this a very special touch was needed, and only the best would be good enough.

N#2: Why did God chose His own Son, Jesus? Did He not have at His disposal legions of angels from whom to choose for this mission? When God made His benevolent gesture of fatherly love, He wanted to be clearly understood by all men, in all ages. What better method of displaying fatherly love than to give of His own Son? What father, what parent, could fail to understand the trauma, the heartbreak of giving one's own child for a cause which was pre-destined to cause the child great pain and suffering?

N#1: And the method He chose to use in bringing His Son to us on earth . . . . Why a baby, in weakness? Why not a mighty warrior, in power?

N#2: No, not as a warrior, although that is the manner that human thinking might expect for the arrival of a King. There would be no flaming chariot, propelled by sleek, glistening white horses to bear Jesus to earth from His home in the heavenlies. There would be no mighty cannonade to announce to an eager world His coming to earth. There would be no bugles, no rumble of the footsteps of mighty armies, none of the grandeur and glory we might expect to accompany an event so remarkable. No, Jesus' coming was as silent as the night, as peaceful as a restful sleep, as still as the waters of the Dead Sea, as holy as the very God Whose mission this was.

N#1: His coming, though for many ages predicted, was, as far as we can tell, announced to only a few dozen persons, in an obscure area of an obscure land, born to parents who had, it seems, only one worthy attribute, that being their openness and availability, to be of service to God. And although there were, indeed, kings present, it seems that the coming of the Messiah was made known mainly to common, ordinary, unpretentious people. People kind of like you, and, like me.

N#2: Why? Why, when He could have chosen to come in glory, majesty and power, would God chose such a humble arrival on earth? Perhaps it was that by sharing our human nature His Son would speak our language, understand our situations, live in our families, work in our environments, have sympathy for our heartaches, yes, and even comprehend our fondest hopes.

N#1: Had He come in grandeur, He would, forever, have been an unapproachable symbol of our wonder, our awe, but mostly, our fear. True, had He come in the form of a conqueror, we would have had strong feelings of great indebtedness to this mighty warrior. But we would never have had a closeness to Him, forever we would have been limited to worshiping Him from afar, in loveless fear, unable to draw near to him.

Lights soft up on choir stageChoir - "The Glory of Christmas "Peace on Earth / O Holy Night

Lights slow down on choir stage
Organist plays softly
Saul and Anna on stage
Saul: What's this talk Anna? You and Simeon, again! Always the same old story. The Messiah, the King, coming, to Bethlehem you tell us! Anna, Anna, Anna! For all these years you have been talking of the coming of the Messiah. And has it happened? No! Then what would make you now believe that the Messiah's coming is imminent, even immediate?

Anna: Both I and Simeon, the man of God who serves with me in the temple, we know! Just today, Simeon told me "I am an old man, but the Lord God Jehovah Himself has revealed to me that I shall not die before I see the Lord's Christ. And the Holy Word says: 'But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of my people Israel.'".

Saul: Born? Bethlehem? The Messiah shall be born? And in Bethlehem? Please, please, Anna! The Messiah, the prophet, the King of the Jewish people, He on whom all Jewry has waited all these centuries. Born? And in Bethlehem? I mean you no disrespect, dear Anna, but I think not! It is well understood by all who have studied the ancient documents, and who have consulted with seers and astrologers, that the King, when He does come, shall come in glory, riding in a chariot of gold, pulled by many white horses, surrounded by a mighty army. And the entire Jewish nation shall, to a man, march with Him as He destroys our enemies. The King, coming as a baby? Not likely! Rather a mighty warrior! And from Bethlehem, you say? Where in that squalid, miserable little town would one find an acceptable receptacle for the coming of a King?

Anna: Dear, dear Saul, must your visions be so small and so insignificant? You must not measure the coming King of all the world with the minute, mundane measure of mere mortal man. The King who shall come, and soon, shall not be limited by the small, small dreams of such small, small men! Were the Messiah to be so small, so meaningless, so powerless, what hope would He hold for His longing, needy people? Oh no, dear Saul. Wait not for a King limited to the humanness of man, but with the full power of the Lord God Jehovah Himself. The Messiah, the King, shall come, yes, trumpeted in His coming by the very angels of God. And, for those who will listen, the valleys shall ring with the sound of their song of welcome, of proclamation. And the song shall echo to the hills above, and back again. The trill of their message shall make the very ground beneath us quiver, shall prompt ripples on the waters of Lake Asphaltitis, The Dead Sea, below us. Yes, truly the angels shall be heard, and heard too shall be the One for whom they sing. The King! The Messiah! The King! And those who hear, both now and in the ages to come, shall be blest!

Saul and Anna off stage

Soloist move to acting stage, mike on Single spot up on Soloist
Solo - Heirlooms
Lights down on soloist, quickly re-focus the light to doorway, you may have to adjust this a little after Sandy comes on stage. Pastor is off-stage throughout the performance
Lapel mike on, Pastor's mike on (these will need to come on quickly, make sure we don't lose the opening lines).
Voices heard in the darkness.

Pastor: Well I'd better go. Promised my family I'd be home an hour ago.

Sandy: Ya, it's OK, you go on ahead, I'll look after the lights and the thermostat.

Pastor: You sure you're OK? This leaves you with a lot of clean-up to do all by yourself.

Sandy: No, not at all, I've done it a thousand times.

Pastor: OK, then, I'll go home for supper.

Sandy: Sure, get some rest. You'll need it for the concert tonight!

Pastor: What about you, you haven't eaten yet, either.

Sandy: Me, no problem, I'll grab a bite at McDonalds on the way home.

Pastor: Sandy, I really do appreciate you and the job you are doing here at the church.

Sandy: Just doing my job, that's what church janitors are paid for you know.

Pastor: You are thought of much more than an employee here, you realize that Sandy.

Sandy: That's very kind of you to say so, thanks!

Pastor: Will we see you at the choir concert tonight?

Sandy: Me, yah, I hope to, just depends if my folks drop by.

Pastor: Please, Sandy. Try to come!

Sandy: Oh, sure, I'll probably be here! Try my best, now then, you go home, or you'll meet yourself coming back! Bye Pastor Rogers!

lights come up on acting stage, Sandy comes on stage, idly sweeps floor.

Sandy: Me at church tonight? I don't think so! Been there, done that, got the tee shirt! It was nice that this church gave me a job at Christmas, but, me, attend church? Not! (short pause) Actually Pastor Rogers has been real straight with me, he's an OK guy! Guess I shouldn't have misled him about my folks coming over. My parents come to see me? Not likely! My folks said they didn't want anything to do with me until, as Dad says, "I get my act together". Act? Isn't it all an act? Even getting this job as janitor at the church was an act, I said the right things when Pastor Rogers interviewed me. Why not? (talks to audience) Ladies and gentlemen, here before you stands 23 years of church, Sunday School and Bible School training! (shakes head, smiles) I can tell you all you ever wanted to know about all things theological from A to Z, from Aaron, did you know he was the brother of Moses, a Levite and the first high priest, to Zuriel, (pronounce zoo-ree-ale'), chief of the Levites at the time of the exodus. But it is all up here, (points to head), it just doesn't seem to fit in here anymore, (points to heart). Oh, well, a professor at Bible College told me that I know too much about theology and don't understand enough about the grace of Jesus Christ. Whatever that means.
What's this? Someone from the choir dropped their songbook. Says here, "welcome to our musical, How Should a King Come"? I remember all the times we did choir concerts at Centennial Street Church! (reads) Some of the old favorites. O Come All Ye Faithful. Silent Night. Yeh, I remember! Mom played the organ at Centennial Street. What's this? Pastor Rogers' notes for his sermon tonight. How Should A King Come? . . . . Coming Home For Christmas. . . . . Figures. Sounds motivating. Home. . . . Christmas. Well, seeing as how I won't be here tonight, maybe I should read it. No where important to go anyway.


Pastor's voice: It's Christmas time again, time to celebrate the coming of the King. Time to reflect on all that His coming to earth meant back then, and all that it means to us today. We need to remember that He, the baby of Bethlehem, is Emmanuel, God with us, He is not in the heavens, He is not far distant from our lives, but He is God with us.

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