Dying to Live

  • Cast Number: 60
  • Run-time: 70 minutes
Dying To Live is the story of Adam, a young boy facing cancer and how his family struggles to come to terms with his disease. Adam's mother, and especially his father, must come to grips with their son's impending death, ultimately realizing that God faced the same pain as he watched his Son die on a cross. This modern day story runs parallel with the story of Christ, as Jesus is betrayed, judged and ultimately lead to his death on the cross. It is the story of life and death, hope and resurrection. The question is - Are you Dying to Live?
Written by Victoria Mininger, this is a script which could be performed at Easter, but is equally useful at all times of the year.
Excellent as dinner theatre, readily available songs are recommended in the script

Bible Reference: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus as outlined in the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – Biblical Script from The Message Bible Festival of Unleavened Bread – Mark 14Cast: 55-60 roles
25-30 Men, 14 Women, 11 children (3 boys /8 non specific gender), 4-5 Dancers
Roles can be combined, especially among the men. There are no off-stage voices

Set: Certain sets can be combined or scrim used if space is an issue. All sets can be as minimal or elaborate as desired. Sets include – Biblical Marketplace, Garden of Gethsemane, Tomb/Golgotha, Living Room, Doctor’s Office/Funeral Parlor.

Special Effects: Can add in as little or as much sound files as desired. Ex: Garden of Gethsemane utilizing a “night” sound can give a fuller effect. Ex: Crucifixition utilizing thunder/earthquake sound files can give a fuller effect.

Props: Market Place, Living Room, Doctor’s Office/Funeral Parlor, Garden of Gesthamane, Golgotha. Standard hand props as indicated in script for both Modern and Biblical. Cross – 12ft in height, supported upright with an iron crossbar – or support mounted into staging.

Costumes: Standard Modern Dress, Standard Biblical Dress

Sound: Standard, Various Sound Tracks – Information Included in Script

Special Instructions:
This drama is unique as it weaves the story of a modern family parallel with accounting of the biblical Easter Story. The story deals with the reality of this life and the realities of the cross. This particular script has a large cast, though many of the parts can be doubled.

Act I – Scene I
(Director’s Note: During the marketplace scene, we see young and old entering at various points, making preparations for the upcoming Passover meal. The mood is light and festive with busy conversation, despite the presence of the Roman guards)
Lights come up on Main Floor Marketplace.
Sound byte- Daytime/bird sound

Sample of script;

(Jacob enters, taking a deep breath, as if looking forward to the day. He pats his stomach)
JACOB: What a beautiful day for a celebration!
(As Jacob stands and takes in the day Hannah and Elizabeth come running in playing tag. One runs around Jacob and the other girl runs the opposite. They finally, at Jacob’s bidding, chase each other across the stage, dropping down in happy exhaustion. A guard enters, starring gruffly at Jacob. Startled, Jacob hurries over to his booth. We see Rachel enter with her grandchild, obviously weary with the constant chatter of the child)
ANNA: Is it time yet! Is it time yet!
RACHEL: For the hundredth time, NO! The time for the celebration will be here soon enough.
(Three more soldiers enter and scatter to various post on stage)
RACHEL: Anna, run and get me some more bitter herb, we’ll need them for tonight.
(Anna heads for the market booths but is easily sidetracked by the other merchandise)
JACOB: Alter, so good to see you. How are you doing?
ALTER: Good, Jacob. It is an exciting time, a time to remember how God delivered his people.
JACOB: Indeed it is Alter, indeed it is.
(Fourth guard enters stage, taking up position at assigned post. Leah an Eliya enter)
LEAH: Eliya, how is your mother, I heard she’s been ill.
ELIYA: She’s doing better. She should be able to join us in remembering the Passover meal this evening.
(As Leah and Eliya continue their conversation, Rebecca and Lydia enter)
REBECCA: (Sighing) Mother, remind me again why we do this?
LYDIA: (puzzled) What? Sweep the steps?
REBECCA: No, I mean why do we do this every year. Get those nasty, bitter herbs and bake that flat bread. Yuck! I don’t like that part!
LYDIA: Because, each year we remember the mighty thing God did when he delivered our people from the land of the Egyptians so many years ago. The night God set us free he spared the lives of all our first born children. He didn’t leave us to die but set us free from a life of slavery. And that, my daughter, is a great thing to celebrate!
ELIZABETH: My dad said that when God lead the Israelites out of Egypt he cut the Red Sea in half so the people could get to the other side!
HANNAH: He didn’t cut it in half! (Rolling eyes and sighing) He parted it!
ELIZABETH: Same thing!
HANNAH: Well, my dad said it was as tall as the city wall, or maybe even the mountains over there!
ELIZABETH: Well, my dad said….
(Just then a soldier walks over and glares at the girls, scattering them back to the market booths. Just then three young girls come running in from back stage doors announcing the arrival of the dancers))
YOUNG DANCERS: Their coming, their coming! Get ready, their coming!
(There is a buzz of excited chatter as those in the marketplace anticipate the arrival of the dancers)
Spotlight back doors
Cue Music -“Roni, Roni, Bat Zion” by Paul Wilbur – Shalom Jerusalem CD
Track #6 & 7
(Dancers enter dancing and singing. They are joyfully dancing and as they enter, those in the marketplace enter into the dancing and joyful praise. During celebration Jesus and a few of his disciples enter quietly, enjoying the celebration as they too get ready for the Passover supper)
Lights fade to dusk
Sound byte – Nighttime sounds/ crickets
(As light fades, and evening settles on the marketplace, people hurry to gather their last preparations for the supper)
RACHEL: Anna, have you not gotten the herbs yet? Hurry, you silly girl, before he closes.
(We see Jesus gathering his disciples. Peter and John approach Jesus)
Jesus: Peter, John? Are the preparations ready for the Passover meal?
Peter: Yes, teacher. Everything is ready? Come, the house is right over here. The others are waiting for us.
(Jesus and disciples follow Peter and John to the house, enter to eat the Passover meal)

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