iSociety Part 3 iCommunity

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:40
This four part comedy series indicates our obsession to focus on “my” wants, needs, wishes, and “I want it my way” selfishness, “I can make the world in my image” thinking. Having a world in our image is limiting, flawed and self-serving; denying God the power to work in our lives; negating our need for a Savior.
Drama is a play on words as ‘high society’negative adjectives that begin with “i”:
The theme song for the Adaams Family TV show has been adapted into this drama. Midi clips of this music (which we believe to be royalty-free) can be found at many locations on the internet including:
Sheet music (again believed to be royalty-free, can be found at:
Segment 3 focuses on community, how we ignore the needs of others. We talk about needs in the world but do nothing about it. We live in insulated lives, have difficulty seeing the needs of others. Hurting people are everywhere. Change your perspective and go into the community in Jesus’ name and make a difference.

Cast: 4
iMan (father)
iLady (wife)
iBoy (son)
iGirl (daughter)

Set, lighting, costumes: standard

Sound: music for song

Props: small mirror for each actor, roll of duct tape
Special Instructions:
all actors are “high society” and looking down their noses at others. I see speech as being like Thurston Howell of the old Gilligans Island TV show. I suggest that the song be sung by offstage or recorded voices and have the actors mime the emotions of the words, however it is possible to have the actors sing the song.
All words beginning with “i” and followed by a capitalized letter will be pronounced “I” as in iMan pronounced “I man”.
In the song, the final line in each verse “The iFirst iFamily” is meant to not quite fit in to the song lyrics.

Sample of Scriptcript - Segment 3 - iCommunity

iFamily are sitting onstage reading, working at computer, cell phone, etc.

iMan, excited: Alright! . . . I see on my iBlackberry that my iStocks have risen 8.324% today! Life is good! Amazing isn’t it iLady!
iLady: Wow! Will you just look at the jacket Jacqueline Moreno is wearing in this photo shoot? I gotta tell you I do iLong for iClothing like that! . . Oh, did you say something iMan?
iGirl: I simply iNeed a much larger iPod. This lame piece of iJunk only holds like 3,000 iSongs . . what’s a person to iDo with only 3,000 iSongs?

iBoy: iGirl would you please iHand me a that iBook beside you?

iGirl: That’s right, just 3,000 miserable iSongs.

iLady: iGirl would you be able to stay at iHome tonight, my iTrainer is dropping off my new iYoga exercise iBook.
iGirl: Why would they even iBother to make such a lame iPod?
iMan: Oh iGirl, I forgot to iTell you. A friend at the iCountry iClub needs someone to look after his kids tonight while we go out for iCocktails. I said you would be iPleased to iDo it.
iGirl: OK like, that iDrives me wild! I don’t believe any of you have iHeard an iWord I have iSaid. All of you just iSitting there, engrossed in your own little iWorld, none of you have iSaid so much as one iWord.
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