iSociety Part 4 iSaviour

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 10:10
This four part comedy series indicates our obsession to focus on “my” wants, needs, wishes, and “I want it my way” selfishness, “I can make the world in my image” thinking. Having a world in our image is limiting, flawed and self-serving; denying God the power to work in our lives; negating our need for a Savior.
Drama is a play on words as ‘high society’negative adjectives that begin with “i”:
The theme song for the Adaams Family TV show has been adapted into this drama. Midi clips of this music (which we believe to be royalty-free) can be found at many locations on the internet including:
Sheet music (again believed to be royalty-free, can be found at:
Jesus says I am living so you can live abundantly and I am the only “i” you need. People feel “I have everything I want exactly the way I want it… and I am miserable.” An abundant life is not lived in the midst of an abundance of things. Jesus gave us the ability to claim abundant life through His resurrection power. In Jesus’ words – I am the Truth the Light and the Way. Claim it! Let go of the life that separates and claim the abundant life that binds us together as God’s family.

Cast: 4
iMan (father)
iLady (wife)
iBoy (son)
iGirl (daughter)

Set, lighting, costumes: standard

Sound: music for song

Props: small mirror for each actor

Special Instructions:
all actors are “high society” and looking down their noses at others. I see speech as being like Thurston Howell of the old Gilligans Island TV show. I suggest that the song be sung by offstage or recorded voices and have the actors mime the emotions of the words, however it is possible to have the actors sing the song.
All words beginning with “i” and followed by a capitalized letter will be pronounced “I” as in iMan pronounced “I man”.
In the song, the final line in each verse “The iFirst iFamily” is meant to not quite fit in to the song lyrics.

Sample of Script: Segment 4 – iSavior

iFamily are sitting onstage looking bored, stretching, yawning

theme music plays, actors react

They’re iNward and iNdulgent
iMpersonal, iGnorant
Its iFirst and iDore it
The iFirst iFamily

They live in iSolation
iNdependent iNsulation
iFirst is what they’re chasin’
The iFirst iFamily

Group hug!

(all hug, kiss another person without ever coming close to touching the other person, showing disdain for the other person. Then each actor gloomily hugs him/herself, kisses own fingertips, pat, pat the kisses on own cheeks. Each actor picks up mirror and admires his/herself, shakes head negative)

They’re iMmature, iMoral
iWorship and iQuarrel
I I do, iDore all
The iFirst iFamily.

each actor picks up mirror and admires his/herself, no joyall except iGirl sit down, iGirl goes to side stage and looks offstage

iMan, sad: Is it just me or is iLife a real iDrag?

iBoy: iLife is sooooo iBoring!

iLady: All that I iHave and yet it means iNothing!

iBoy: Surely there is more to iLife than this.
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