The Fulfillment of the Prophesies

  • Cast Number: 44
  • Run-time: 120 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
All that occurred relative to the earthly birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ was prophesied many hundreds of years in advance, and was planned from before the beginning of time.
A full length 8 scene drama, yet easily staged. The run time can be shortened by deleting certain scenes.
Useful at Christmas, Easter or any time of the year.

Cast: 44+ characters (a large number of these parts could, and should, be combined)

Scene 1 – Nazareth Street
Scene 2 – Nazareth Marketplace
Scene 3 – Nazareth outside Joseph’s house
Scene 4 – Bethlehem Scene (Inn, stable nearby houses)
Scene 5 – Herod’s castle
Scene 6 – Road to Bethlehem
Scene 7 – Bethlehem Scene (Inn, stable nearby houses)
Scene 8 – Upper Room / Tomb / Hillside / Calvary

Scenes 1, 2 and 3 are the same backdrops
Scene 4 and 7 are the same backdrops
Scenes 5 and 6 can be plain or dressed up with backdrops as desired
Scene 8 has a tomb at stage left, approximately 4 – 6 feet high, 12’ or more wide and 5’ or more deep, and will be firmly moored to the floor and/or wall so it is secure. From this deck Luke will do his narration and, later, the crucifixion will take place, so it must be sufficiently substantial to safely carry the weight of three grown men.

Costumes: traditional costuming

Sound: Where possible wireless mics would be advantageous
Music of your choice could be added in several places throughout the drama

Lighting: A single spot for narrator, floods for the main stage area

Props: Gifts, Magi’s gifts, also the elements and cups for the Last Supper, wash basin and towels

Optional Jewish Dance: An optional dance is shown as part of the Scene 1.

A small sample of the script:

SCENE #1 – Nazareth Street

Characters: Luke, Mary, Joseph, Amos, Joshua, Jesse, Joachim, Anna, Zechariah, Elizabeth, servant, dancers
begins with Luke’s narration, spot tight on him

Luke: Now, many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been surely believed among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. Therefore, since I, Luke the physician, myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to give an orderly account for you, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

lights slowly up on street scene

Luke: Some who are less aware of the true happenings surrounding this event might say that it all began here, in this nondescript town of Nazareth. . . But truly it all began back before the beginning of time. . .
light down on Luke, main lights full up.
There is great excitement as townspeople are milling about, laughing, shouting
Amos and Joshua come on stage, look around, bewildered,

Amos: What’s all the excitement?

Joshua: No idea, but it would seem that dull, drab, tiresome old Nazareth town is alive tonight.

Jesse wanders by carrying a large gift

Jesse: Amos, Joshua, you are just in time!

Amos: In time for what?

Jesse: The celebration! . . The carpenter Joseph is taking a wife.

Joshua, sneers: Joseph? . . . You mean Joseph ben Heli?

Amos: I didn’t know that Joseph ever took his nose out of the sawdust long enough to look at a woman!

Joshua, laughing: And just who might be the . . . lucky . . . woman! . . Anyone we know?

Jesse: Yes, Joshua, matter of fact, someone you know well . . . Mary, daughter of your friend Joachim.

Joshua, furious, grabs Jesse by the shoulders, shakes him: Jesse, for your good health and safety I suggest you not speak of that young lady and that worthless carpenter in the same sentence!

Joachim comes on stage, shakes Joshua’s hand

Joachim: Joshua my friend, so glad you made it back in time for the festivities. . . Come, Mary will want to talk with you, she is so excited! And my daughter would not have wanted her betrothal day to happen without you being a part of it.

Joshua: You mean it is true, Mary is . . .

Joachim: Yes, Mary is to marry Joseph, the fine young carpenter.

Amos: How could she, . . . how could you, . . . I always expected that Mary and Joshua here would . . .

Joachim: Mary and my friend Joshua are, and have always been, like brother and sister. . . Now then, all of you, . . come, join in the celebration . . please!

Joshua: We have been on the road for twelve days, I am tired, filthy from the road dust . . Please, wish Mary my best, and make my apologies that I am unable to . . .

Joachim: Nonsense! . . The betrothal banquet for my daughter, . . . and my friend Joshua . . . not in attendance? . . I think not! Come along, I will personally wash your feet! . . . (looks around, shouts) . . Where is my wife? . . . Anna, quickly! . . .The best wine, the best meat for my dear friend Joshua!

Joachim goes off stage

Jesse: Hmmmm . . . Mary and Joseph ben Heli . . . (smirks at Joshua) . . make a fine couple don’t you think?

Joshua menacingly takes a step toward Jesse who laughs and runs off stage
Mary and Joseph come on stage, Mary runs to Joshua

Mary: Oh my dear friend Joshua, how wonderful you are here!

Mary embraces an uncomfortable Joshua

Mary: Have you heard the good news? . . I will be a wife!

Joshua gently pushes Mary away

Joshua: I am pleased for you Mary, but sorry, I am really tired and . . .

Joseph, puts his hand on Joshua’s shoulder: Please come enjoy the moment with my betrothed and I.

Joshua, angry: I said I am tired; now get your hands off me!

Mary and Joseph watch in shock as Joshua rushes off stage, followed by Amos
Friend1 and a group of others run up to Mary and Joseph

Jesse: There you are! . . Everyone is looking for you two! . . The reason for the celebration and the two of you nowhere to be found. . . . Better join in quickly before the chins start wagging, you know how people can gossip!

Joachim, Anna, Zechariah, Elizabeth and others come on stage to Mary and Joseph

Anna: There you are! . . Mary, see who has come to spend this time with you!

Mary, excited, runs to Elizabeth: Elizabeth! . . Praise God! . . Thank you for coming to share my blessing!

Joachim: Joseph, I want you to know my sister Elizabeth, and her husband Zechariah, the priest. . . You will be impressed to know that Zechariah is of the priestly division of Abijah.

Zechariah, proudly: Joachim, you may have heard that I have been chosen by lot to burn the incense in the temple of Jahweh.

Mary, teasing Joseph: I trust you are properly impressed with the family of your betrothed!

Joseph: Impressed with her family, but even more taken by the beauty and charm of my betrothed.

Anna: Oh my! Not only is my future son-in-law handsome and clever, but also one who speaks well! . . (to Zechariah) . . A future leader in the temple for sure, don’t you think Zechariah?

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