Retro Christmas

  • Cast Number: 20
  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Corinthians 8-9
Looking back, musically, on Christmas over the last 100 years, five generations of the Phillips family look at how Christmas has changed, and how it has not really moved too far.
An easily staged 7 scene drama using a split stage in order that flashbacks can be done more easily.
The various scenes are flashbacks: Scene 2 is 1980’s, Scene 4 1960’s, Scene 6 1940’s. Scenes 1, 3, 5 and 7 are current era.
* The actors used in scenes 2, 4 and 6 could, in some cases, be the same as used in the other scenes, aged appropriately, or more likely would be different actors.
Era-appropriate Christmas music can be played or sung after each scene.

Cast: 20*

Scenes 1, 3, 5 & 7:
Great Gran likely 80+
Grandpa Jim, 60’s, son of Great Gran
Grandma Florence, 60’s, Jim’s wife
Anderson, 40’s, son of Jim and Florence
Rachel, 40’s, Anderson’s wife
Dillon, teen, son of Anderson and Rachel
Amanda, teen, daughter of Anderson and Rachel
Ricky, early teen or pre-teen, son of Anderson and Rachel

Scene 2 (1980’s, ongoing actors are appropriately younger):
Great Gran
(optionally add Anderson’s siblings, non-speaking roles)

Scene 4 (1960’s, ongoing actors are appropriately younger):
Great Gran
Emily, 20’s, (Rachel’s mother to be)
Tommy, 20’s, (Rachel’s father to be)

Scene 6 (1940’s, ongoing actors are appropriately younger)
Great Gran
Jim (as a baby)
Albert, 20-30’s, (Great Gran’s husband who died in the war)

Set: A split stage is recommended so that flashbacks can be staged on Stage 2 without waiting for set changes.
Stage 1 is Grandma’s living room, Stage 2 is likely bare, could have some set pieces and props to indicate era.

Sound and lighting: As available, spots to control scene changes would be advantageous

Costumes: era appropriate costumes should be used in flashbacks

Props: TV, newspapers, books, MP3’s, walkman, cassette player, phonograph and records


Scene 1, Grandma’s house current era

Lights up on Stage 1, Dillon is listening toMP3, adults are sitting around reading, watching TV. Dillon is gyrating to music, suddenly sings out in an off-key way

Dillon: Have an ecologically sound
Ecumenical all around
Mid-winter celebration
In the December station.

Live it, live and enjoy
Find it, find health and joy
The day brings each girl and boy
A bunch of irrelevant toys. . .

Jim, jumps: Whatever is that screaming about?

Anderson: Son, that music is way too loud, why I can hear it clear over here, and you’ve got it channelled straight into your ears boy! . . I just read an article in the Medical Digest, says teens of today are losing their hearing all on account of the music blasting into their ear drums!

Jim: What's that the boy is listening to anyways?

Rachel: Oh it’s just the Christmas CD I bought Dillon for his MP3 player.

Jim: Well I love you daughter-in-law, but . . you bought that CD . . like . . on purpose?

Florence: Jim, the boy is enjoying, so leave him be dear.

Jim: Did you hear the words Florence? . . Ecological . . . Ecumenical . . That's what they call Christmas music nowadays?

Anderson: Times change Dad. . . Music changes.

Jim: So it seems Anderson. . . Too bad doesn’t change for the better.

Anderson: As I recall you used to say that about my music when I was a kid.

Jim: Yes I did. . but back then I thought things had sunk to about as low as they could go . . . (looks toward Dillon) . . . Obviously I was wrong.

Rachel: Oh you two, it’s not all that bad!

Jim: Want a second opinion on that?

Florence, moves to Dillon, puts arm around him: That's fine Dillon, just ignore those two old fuddy duddies!

Dillon: Well I think the Regal Mellon rocks.

Jim, to Anderson: Is my grandchild speaking in some kind of code?

Rachel, teasing: Get with it Grandpa, the Regal Melon is one of the top bands on the charts right now.

Jim: Makes you worry a bit about the bands they beat out on their way to the top, doesn’t it?

Amanda comes on stage, listening to MP3, moving to music

Florence: Hi sweetie . . .

Amanda doesn’t hear, goes on listening to music, Florence finally moves to Amanda, pulls out the earplug, talks into Amanda’s ear

Florence: Earth to Amanda, is my granddaughter hidden away somewhere deep in there?

Amanda: Hi Gran, you really oughta hear this music, Purple Skunks . . (puts the earplug in Florence’s ear) . . . Doncha just love that beat Gran?

Florence makes a face, discretely removes the earplug, hands it back to Amanda

Florence: Well dear, I must say . . that is without question the best music I have ever heard from a group of . . . purple skunks.

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