Church on the Road

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
A script written for a church in Minnesota, celebrating a move into new church facilities.
The church has been using temporary quarters and finally is getting a permanent location. The youth group dream about how nice it will be to have new quarters.
DramaShare can adjust the script and the song to meet individual details and needs of each church

6+ (male or female)
Billy, new to youth group

"Church On The Road" song written by DramaShare to the tune of Roger Miller’s “King Of The Road” can be found on our website under "TECHNICAL HELP" in "Script Songs"

Sample of script:

Billy and Tracey come on stage

Billy: You know, I really had a great time at youth group last week.

Tracey: Was nice that you came out Billy.

Billy: Yeh, and Sister Nancy, she is cool. . . I mean . . it’s OK to say that she’s cool, right . . I mean with her being . . .

Tracey, laughs: Yep, it’s fine to say Sister Nancy is cool. . . You haven’t met them yet but actually Sister Roseanne and Father Jim are cool too.

Jean and Jerry come on stage

Billy: I was talking to my Mom and Dad last night, told them what a great time I had . . And you know what Tracey? . . They said maybe they might come to church next Sunday.

Tracey: Now that is cool Billy! . .

Jean: Tracey, better give Billy a map so his folks can find the school where we meet.

Billy: School?

McKenzie and Randy come on stage

Jerry: We have Sunday mass in a school right now.

Jean: It’s just until we get our new church built.

McKenzie: Won’t it be awesome to have our new church Jean? . . I can’t wait!

Randy: Bet you a dollar Phil will be the happiest man in town, he won’t have to get up early and open the school for us on Sunday mornings.

Tracey: Likely John Rogers will be even more happy Randy.

Billy: Who is John Rogers?

Jean: He’s the King of the Road.

Jerry: Yeh, and when our new church is finished John will have trailer for sale or rent.

Billy: I don’t understand ..

Tracey: John coordinates the trailer transportation to the school each Sunday for the past five years.

all actors except Billy sing to tune of “King Of The Road”

For five years in the past
We have done mo-bile mass
We have been fight-in’ sin
Right in here in Bill-ings Minn
You see, we need a full time spot
One that’s not some par-kin’ lot
We need, church for Fa-ther . . Jim and
Sis-ter Rose-anne

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