A Vent for the Birds

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:29
Comedy puppet script tells of a bird who suffers from acrophobia . . that’s fear of heights for those who aren’t up on their phobias. But the bird gets a lesson in God’s love for even the least of His creatures.

Cast: 2 (puppeteer and bird puppet named Pájaro Colorido)

NOTE: Bird puppet is a very drab brown color

Sample of script:

walk on stage, Pájaro is speaking

Pájaro: Careful will you? . . Don’t go tripping, falling on me!

Edna: You are fine, just fine!

Pájaro: Look, you are tall, and that is a long fall to the floor if you drop me!

Edna: OK, we will just sit here.

Pájaro: Well, OK, just be careful you don’t fall off the chair, OK?

Edna: Good heavens . . !

Pájaro, afraid: Heavens? . . Heaven’s way up scary high!

Edna: What is it with you? . . Sounds like you’ve got acrophobia!

Pájaro: Acra . what . o . . . bee . . yah?

Edna: Acrophobia. . . A fear of heights.

Pájaro, blustering: Do you have any idea to whom you are directing that silly comment?

Edna: Actually no idea, we have just met, but I would say to look at you that you are a bird.

Pájaro: Not much gets by you does it lady?

Edna moves a little, Pájaro reacts in fear, feathers fly

Pájaro: Will you please sit still?

Edna: You are uptight! . . . And you sure do lose your feathers!

Pájaroes: It’s OK, I have more on order at Walmart.

Edna: Walmart?

Pájaroes: It was a joke! . . Man, your sense of humor sets a new standard for low. . . Meeting you is like . . “laugh . . I thought I’d never start”!

Edna: And just who are you . . exactly?

Pájaro: It’s a Spanish name. You couldn’t pronounce my name . . it’s Spanish.

Edna: Well, I’ve been around Spanish speaking people a little. Likely I could handle it.

Pájaro: OK, my name is Pájaro Colorido.

Edna: Which means?

Pájaro: Los medios soy un pájaro colorido.

Edna: Huh?

Pájaro: Like I figured, you don’t know Spanish.

Edna: What does it mean?

Pájaro: Means I am a colourful bird.

Edna, confused: A colourful bird? . . You?

Pájaro: Yup! . . You may find it difficult to believe but . . . my dad’s feathers were drab and dull. . . Luckily I took the rich and deep colors of my mother’s feathers. . .

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