Trusting in Faith

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 11:22
Written to celebrate a church’s long serving commitment to their community and people. Uses the old “Faith of our Fathers” song written in 1874 by Fredrick William Faber.
Names can be changed to meet the situation of an individual church.

Cast: (many roles can be male or female)
Mr. Fred
Rev. Howard
Joesph Ficklin
Sarah Ficklin
James Livers
Jessie Evans Brown
Pastor Caffee
Various other non-speaking actors as desired / available

Sample of script:

Terry come son stage, followed shortly by Terry

Garth: Hey, man, whatcha doin’?

Terry: Hey Garth, just hangin’ out, waitin’ for my friend Russell to show up, gonna shoot some baskets. Lookin’ at these old pictures on the wall here.

Garth: Ever wonder where they came up with some of these pictures, Terry?

Terry: Well, Garth, says on the pictures it’s from way back when this church started, back a hundred years ago.

Garth: A hundred years? You mean this church has been standing here a hundred years? Wow, never knew that!

As two are talking Mr. Fred the janitor comes up behind them, carrying a mop, watches, listens, shakes head in disapproval

Garth: Whoa, lookit these guys will ya?

Terry: Geek city kinda, huh?

Garth: Dressed geeky, I can just see our elders, deacons dressed like them!

Terry, laughing: Yeh, right! Can you imagine (name of one of the current day elders or leaders) dressed like these dudes?

Garth: Yeh, and look here, Terry, (mimes reading off picture) there’s somebody name of Mrs. Stella Robinson. Dig the hat will ya?

Terry: Whooooeeey! Can't ya just imagine (name of the leader of current day church women’s group leader) dressin’ out like that? We’d like to laugh her outta the church!

Mr. Fred, the janitor storms up to the two, obviously annoyed

Mr. Fred: Dressed geeky, huh? Like to laugh her outta this church, huh? Where from you two kids comin’? Just what you two thinkin’ about, talkin’ that way about these wonderful folks? You two like comin’ here shootin’ baskets, huh?

Garth: Well, yes Mr. Fred, sir, sure we like comin’ here shootin’ baskets, hangin’ out here at the church. Isn’t that what the church is for?

Mr. Fred: No, not really. Church is here for to worship the Lord, that’s what the church is here for! But, same time, it’s good you young guys come here, hang out, enjoy as well. But where you think you get the right to badmouth those who have made all this possible?

Terry: Made all this possible? You mean, like these guys in these pictures, they built this here church?

Mr. Fred: Not like you’re thinkin’, not put down the stones, hammered in the nails, not like that. This church wasn’t even here when these pictures was taken.

Garth: So then, Mr. Fred, what are you tellin’ us these guys they built this church then.

Mr. Fred: OK, listen up! You ever heard tell that Mr. Abraham Lincoln, (use appropriate name depending on country), he’s the father of our country?

Terry: Well, sure, we all say that.

Mr. Fred: So what you’re sayin’ is that this here United States of America is the children of Mr. Abraham Lincoln?

Garth: Mr. Fred, that’s silly, of course Abraham Lincoln isn’t the father of our country! What we mean is . . . .

Mr. Fred: Look, I know full well what we mean when we say . . . Point is, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, he was responsible for building this country. Long before the country actually was what it is today, Lincoln he put the foundation in place. Same with the people in this picture, they put the foundation for this church in place. (looks at Terry) No, Terry, that doesn’t mean these people poured the cement.

Terry: I knew that! (pause, looks at Garth) Honest! I really did!

Mr. Fred: Back when these people were seeking God’s guidance in building a church, they met and discussed . . . . . . .

lights fade down on main set, up on side set

Rev Howard: . . . . . the need to look to yet another move. This church has simply outgrown our room here above the Odd Fellows Hall.

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