The Joyous Trade

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 1:6
A group of teens, all of whom have a church background, are at various stages of falling away from an active relationship with Jesus. They are shocked and scared when one of their group overdoses on drugs.
Shows the effects of addictions and lifestyle choices, but also shows the need for a strong, on-going and growing personal relationship with Jesus.

Cast: 10 (or more) can be male or female
Of this group there are speaking parts for 7.
Archibald (is in a wheelchair)
3 or more “New Guys” (non-speaking parts)

Set: none required

Sound: Song “Trading My Sorrow” by Darrell Evans
Some new lyrics by DramaShare are added
Note that when the script calls for this song to be sung near the end of the drama it can be performed by the actors, by off-stage (live or recorded) singer(s) or with a CD of the original song.

Costumes: standard

Props: wheelchair, cell phone

Sample of script:

Don, Ray, Crystal and Jenna come on stage

Don: So anyhow my Mom says I have to apply myself more.

Jenna: Don Morgan applying himself? . . . Now those are two concepts that don’t quite line up!

Don: I’ve applied myself sometimes. . . (smiles) . . . was the worst 10 minutes of my life if I remember right.

Ray: Yeh, me and Don, we are appliers.

Crystal: I noticed, you two were well applied last night at the party.

Ray: Feelin’ no pain baby! . . .

Don: That was good weed Mad Dog sold us, and for just a dime.

Ray, mad: Shut up fool! . . You wanna get us killed?

Jenna: You guys shouldn’t be hangin’ with Mad Dog, he’s bad news, a major weird creeper.

Ray: Whatever! . . Mad Dog, he’s cool, got the swag, . . anyways Jenna, what says you can tell me who I hang with and who I don’t?

Don: Mad Dog he is some sick man, always got the cool babes, great friends.

Crystal: Lotta good them friends do when he gets busted, which like happens real regular.

Ray: Mad Dog he got himself a far out lawyer, no fuzz gonna lay nothin’ on old Mad Dog!

Don: Pays dividends to have juice friends on the street, guys like Mad Dog, they got major cheese!

Crystal: So they got money, whatever! Not my top choice for friends. I’m not into drug dealers.

Ray: So you prefer the dudes that get the booze for you. . . I seen you were tippin’ them back pretty good at the party.

Crystal: Well drinking, that’s one thing, drugs that's a way nother thing.

Don: Whatever!

Jenna: I don’t really like . . I mean, I don’t really think it’s like cool to do either drugs or alcohol, I mean . . .

Ray: You always say that Jenna, but when its handed around I never did hear you take a pass on it.

Don: Remember back when all us guys went to church, learned all the silly far out Bible stories?

Jenna: Well, I still kinda sometimes go . . sometimes.

Ray: Not me, never, I don’t need none of that junk!

Jenna: Ray, you used to be right into church, Sunday School.

Ray: I used to be right into Santa Claus too.

Patti and Lolita come on stage

Don: Lolita chick!

Lolita, flirting: Donny Don, Don Juan!

Don: How’s my babe?

Lolita: Yours as always for sure prime dude!

Ray, feigns hurt: What’s this, “Don’s babe?” . . . I thought you was my babe!

Patti: Good ol’ Lolita, the chick is everyone’s chick, anyone’s chick.

Lolita, giggles: Don’t go saying it like it’s a bad thing Patti . . not my fault that I am gorgeous and popular! . . Anyways, how would you know anything about popularity, you bein’ likely a lifetime member of V-cards International!

Patti: So I am a virgin . . so what? . . And then there’s you, yeh, popular, that’s it.

Lolita, cuddles up to Ray and Don: Go ahead, tell plain ol’ Patti why Lolita is so popular!

Lolita giggles seductively, notices some guys come to far side stage, pushes Ray and Don aside

Lolita: Now run along boys, Lolita gotta go check out those macho men over there!

Don: Awww, why you go and walk out on us guys? . .

Lolita, sly: Pick a number boys, pick a number, the chick is in demand!

Lolita joins the new guys on stage, mimes flirting, talking with them

Crystal: Does Lolita realize how pathetic she is? A pure holla back girl!

Don: What are you talkin’ about pathetic? . . That doll is the in-est chick of the in-est crowd in this here ‘hood is what!

Jenna: Whatever!

Archibald comes on stage in wheelchair

Archibald: Hey guys!

Crystal: Hi Archibald, what’s happenin’ man?

Archibald: Hey Crystal, I been over at the church, there’s this Christian rock band that’s . .

Ray, mocking: “A Christian rock band”? . . . How exciting!

Don: Yeh, how’s their hit single doin’ on the charts? . . What did they call it again? . . Oh yeh, “Bore Me To Tears Again Jesus” I believe it was!

Don and Ray laugh, high 5

Jenna: Knock it off you guys, leave Archibald alone!

Don: What kinda name is Archibald anyways?

Ray: Perfect name for some owned church loser!

Jenna: I said that’s enough!

Don: Jenna, you gonna protect the churchy wheelchair Archibald loser?

Ray: Wheelchair churchy boy . . gonna call him a holy roller . . get it . . wheelchair . . churchy . . . holy roller?

Ray and Don laugh uproariously, Patti moves to them, pushes them away, they fall back shocked

Ray: Look you piece of garbage, don’t you ever again touch me or you will find out what happens when you . . .

Mad Dog falls onto stage, moaning, actors react in shock

Mad Dog: Call . . am-bul-ance . . . now!

Don: You look browned out man!

Ray: Not browned out, blacked out more likely! . . . Mad Dog? . . What happened? . . . You baked?

Mad Dog: Not weed . . . major cake!

Mad Dog collapses on the floor, doesn’t move

Crystal: Cocaine? . . . Jenna! . . Call an ambulance! . . . Hurry!

Jenna calls on cell phone, brief call

Don: He’s not moving! . . Is he . .?

Ray moves carefully to Mad Dog puts fingers to his neck

Ray: I can’t feel a pulse!

Don: What are we gonna do?

Jenna: Archibald, can you like pray or something?

Ray: Yeh, anything, do something . . go on ahead and pray! . . We will like all pray, every one of us, just show us what to do!

Archibald bows head and prays, all others, self consciously bow heads

Archibald: Father God we ask you to place your hand of healing on . . . (hesitates, continues) . . on . . Mad Dog. . . . (Archibald’s voice gets lower until there is no sound) . . we ask that you . .

“New guys” and Lolita remain somewhat apart from the others during the following segment, watching amusedly what is happening, but are silent and mostly motionless so as not to detract from what is happening with the central group.
All other actors freeze except for the actor in the individual parts that follow. Highlighted actor will step forward a couple of steps during his/her monolog and at the end will step back and resume freeze. After a few seconds the next actor will step forward for his/her monolog, and so on.

Crystal: God, it’s Crystal . . . Crystal Andrews, . . . not sure if you remember me, I haven’t talked to you in a bit . . sorry.
I tried . . I really tried . . staying strong in Christ . . it’s just that . . life is so busy, so much to do, so many things that . . .
No, no, that’s not right . . I chose not to be like Jesus. . .
I mean . . I meant to . . . always, and I am . .
What I am is . . . ashamed.
(sings a cappella, softly, slowly)

I’m drowning in sorrow
I’m drowning in pain.
Lord can I go back and start over again?

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