I Surrender All

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 5:1-11
Three separate monologs, based on the account of Ananias and Sapphira, look at various areas in our lives and how they need to change and conform to God’s will for our lives. The drama gives different examples of instances where we try to “hide” stuff from others and from God.
Optionally the hard-hitting song “Surrender All” is interweaved the so that the drama presents the “concept” and the song’s individual verse gives the congregation an opportunity to reflect on areas in their lives that need to change.

Cast: 3 (male or female)

Props: check book, large name tag, large Bible, rolled up magazine

Song: Optional, the song, “Surrender All” (a Sovereign Grace Ministries chart)
can be purchased at that site

Special Instructions:
Three actors are seated separately in different parts of the congregation, hiding that they are anything other than just part of congregation. At the appropriate time the actor stands, moves down the aisle, ending up at the front of the church.
Actor 1 hides finances, holds check book
Actor 2 hides need for recognition, holds large name tag and large Bible
Actor 3 hides secret addictions, holds rolled up magazine

Time: approximately 3 minutes for each monolog, total 9 minutes (plus song)

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage

Actor 1 stands, moves to aisle

Actor 1, very outgoing:
What I have . .
All that I have . . .
It’s all yours Lord!
Use it Lord . . .
Use me Lord!
Use it all to your glory, Jesus!
It’s all yours!
holds up check book
All yours!

actor stops, hesitates, becomes more and more hesitant and secretive:

Actor 1: Well, not . . . all . . . all! . . As in . . all. . .
I mean, . . no one gives like . . all . . .
I mean, . . first there are the expenses . .
Lord, I know you expect expenses to come off the top . . .
Man! . .
Cost of living going through the roof, . . . taxes . . you name it!
And my daughter Chelsea needs braces. . .
I swear you look in her mouth you’d say she was born in a windstorm, her teeth are that crooked!
And a man’s (woman’s) first duty is to family. . .
Like the good book says, “Charity begins at home.”
(thinks, frowns)
I think that was in the Bible, . . . Ephesians likely, . . . lots of great stuff found in Ephesians, for sure! . .
Or was that in Focus on the Family?
No matter, . . . for sure family needs are super important!
(has a new thought)
And my time . ..
Lord, you just go ahead . . point out things need to be done around the church . .
Lord you know I am the first in line to volunteer, whatever the task!
Just not Tuesdays, OK? . . Tuesday, that’s my lodge meetings, and you know full well Lord, that is my outreach to the unsaved.
And not carpentry work, that’s just not my thing.
Or visitation, I am not into visiting, . . well, fact is visiting is simply not my gift. . Especially hospital visitation . . that for sure just creeps me out!
But other than those few things . . money for expenses . . and Tuesdays . . and carpentry . . . and visiting . . Oh and did I mention I am not into outreach? . . I admire those whose gift is sharing their faith but, hey, that’s just not me, right?
I like that part in the Bible where it says . . “Go on into your closet and praise the Lord your God in private.”
I believe that's in Ephesians as well . . .
Hey, but like I say . . you need it done Lord, . . . you need some bucks . .
You know where I live!

actor start to walk off stage, turns, speaks

Actor 1: Oh and I am no good at teaching so, much as I would like to . . count me out for teaching Sunday School . ..
And my singing voice is awesome . . .
But, Lord, I am your man (woman)!

Actor 1 off stage

Song: “Surrender All” first verse and chorus

actor 2 stands, moves to aisle

Actor 2: Nice size congregation here today. . . praise the Lord!
Reminds me, I gotta go greet the folks as they leave worship . . .
Making visitors feel welcome in their church experience is super important!
(worried look)
Where did I put my name tag? . . .
(searches in pockets, brings out oversized name tag)
Oh thank goodness, here it is!
I had me this big name tag printed up, my name in big letters, bold colors, . .
It’s super important that folks have a name to put with their church experience.
Guess you could say I am the unofficial point man (woman) for the church here.
Enormous job that . . but crucial.
Pastor he suggested I round up a few others in the church to spread the work around, free me up a bit . ..
I thought about it . . for the life of me I couldn’t think of anyone who could do the job.
It’s not as easy as it might appear you know . .
Being in the right place at the right time . .
Visible and available . .
That’s where my name tag comes in handy. . .
(admires name tag)
And my big old Bible.
(holds up Bible, admires it)
Pure leather bound!
Words of Jesus in red lettering!
Seven different versions, including King James. . .
Kind of heavy to carry around . . print kinda small and hard to read . .
But way I see it, this Bible’s not a “for reading” kinda Bible, more “for seeing” actually.

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