Carol Sing Narration

Many churches have asked for narration around a carol sing. We will add additional songs as requested.
DramaShare members may requiest their choice of carols and we will add narration.

Cast:              2 narrators, on or offstage


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Special Instructions:  
NOTE: Some lyrics are provided only to show the mood of the piece. The lyrics contained herein DO NOT give the user of this script any rights to the performance of the songs, that must be sought out separately, where required. Most of the songs are well know classics.
Songs used in this script
Love Has Come - Amy Grant
Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant
Silent Night
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Now Behold The Lamb - Kirk Franklin
Jesus Is The Reason - Kirk Franklin
There's No Christmas Without You - Kirk Franklin
The Night Christ Was Born - Kirk Franklin


Time:          as desired  


Sample of script:           


Love Has Come by Amy Grant:




N1:                  The excitement of Christmas morning!


N2:                  Wonder-filled eyes of little children, so excited they can hardly speak.


N1:                  But the excitement the children display is more descriptive, more powerful than words could ever be.


N2:                  As they gaze in anticipation at the bright packages under the Christmas tree.


N1:                  Childhood wonder, excitement, anticipation, joy . . . 
Are these emotions just a small indication of the emotions the three wise men must have felt two thousand years ago.


N2:                  As the wise men made their way to the stable, following the bright star, did they excitedly chatter about the wonder they were about to celebrate?


N1:                  The anticipation as they hurriedly made their way to find the promised one.


N2:                  And, finally, to be in the presence of the Messiah . . .


N1:                  The wonder. . . .


N2:                  The love that has come down . . .


Song:               “Love Has Come”


Hurry now wake up your eyes
Time for little ones to see
Daddy's got a big surprise
Hiding there beneath the Christmas tree
How they are like the child in me
See the wonder in their eyes
Like a fairy tale come true
One more time I realize
All the love our lives found in you

Love has come
For the world to know
As the wise men knew
Such a long time ago
And I believe that the angels sang
That hope had begun
When the God of Glory
Who is full of mercy
Sent His Son

If I could have a special dream
Coming true on Christmas morn'
I would want the world to see
How His Father smiled when Christ was born
The greatest gift the world has known
So come on kids, look high and low
For all the toys you've dreamed to find
But I believe you'll never know
A greater joy than Jesus' love inside





N1:                  If only we could all see through the open and loving eyes of a child on Christmas morning . .


N2:                  And we could, for a moment, remember our emotions as we watched our children open the presents that we have lovingly prepared for them. . .


N1:                  Then we can, in a small way, understand the joy in the heart of God as he gave the ultimate Christmas gift . .  the gift of his own son . . .


N2:                  In a small way experience the joy of that first Christmas morning; joy which caused heaven and angels to sing!







N1:                  Emmanuel!


N2:                  God with us!


N1:                  Emmanuel is a word we have heard countless times in our Christian experience.


N2:                  The danger is that sometimes familiarity can bring on blind acceptance of the word.


N1:                  But “Emmanuel” is no ordinary word.


N2:                  God . . . right here . . . among . .  beside . .  with . . . us!


N1:                  Or the words, “Come let us adore him” . .  “Come” is an action word . .  it requires the person to get up, and to go. . .


N1:                  Or the word . . . “adore” . . . It goes far beyond “appreciate” . .  or “like” . . or even “love” . .  Come let us adore him!


N2:                  What about . . . “Kneel down before him!” There is no action which takes deeper commitment than to kneel down before another person,  . .  it requires a total giving up of ourselves, in respect, admiration and servitude to the other person.


N1:                  Worship before him! . . . Worship, like adore, requires a complete and unreserved attitude of  admitting that the object of our worship deserves more love and respect than is humanly possible.


N2:                  Emmanuel . . . Emmanuel!


Song:               Emmanuel


Come, Come let us adore him
Kneel down before him
Worship and adore him

Come, Come let us adore him
Kneel down before him
Worship and adore him

Chorus: Emmanuel
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel
We worship you, We worship you


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